IEEE 日本支部

1998 New Fellows

No. Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 赤池 正巳
Masami Akaike
東京理科大学 For contributions to nonlinear analysis and design of millimeter-wave and microwave solid-state devices.
2 安部 可治
Yoshiharu Abe
東芝 For contributions to the research and development of automatic control system for metal rolling mills.
3 榎本 忠儀
Tadayoshi Enomoto
中央大学 For contributions to the development of integrated circuits for multimedia.
4 福富 秀雄
Hideo Fukutomi
住友電工 For leadership in optical fiber and cable technologies.
5 古濱 洋治
Yoji Furuhama
通信総研 For contributions to and leadership in optical and millimeter-wave propagataion research, especially for its application to satellite communications.
6 橋本 正弘
Masahiro Hashuimoto
大阪電通大学 For contributions to electromagnetic theory, especialy for guided-wave optics.
7 日比谷 孟俊
Taketoshi Hibiya
NEC For contributions to liquid-phase epitaxial growth of magnetic garnet films for telecommunication applications.
8 平野 浩太郎
Kotaro Hirano
神戸大学 For contributions to analog and digital signal processing, and to engineering education.
9 平田 康夫
Yasuo Hirata
KDD For contributions to and leadership in the development of digital mobile satellite communication systems and research of their key technologies.
10 飯塚 尚和
Hisakazu Iizuka
宮城県工業技術センタ For contributions to the development of the stacked-gate structure for an electrically alterable PROM.
11 池内 克巳
Katsushi Ikeuchi
東京大学 For contributions to the advancement of robot vision technology.
12 小崎 正光
Masamitsu Kosaki
豊橋技科大学 For contributions to the understanding of electrical insulation characteristics of polymers in the cryogenic temperature region and the development of extruded polymer insulated supeerconducting cable.
13 モハメド・マディヒアン
Madihian Mohammad
NEC For contribution to the design and development of microwave as well as millimeter-wave solid state monolithic integrated circuits for personal computing and wireless networking systems.
14 松山 泰男
Yasuo Matsuyama
早稲田大学 For contributions to learning algorithms with competition.
15 中村 慶久
Yoshihisa Nakmura
東北大学 For contributions and leadership in the field of high-density magnetic recording and the basic development of perpendicular magnetic recording.
16 西田 正吾
Shogo Nishida
大阪大学 For contributions to emergency control schemes for the stabilization of power systems and to power engineering education.
17 西谷 隆夫
Takao Nishitani
NEC For contributions to the development of LSI chip architectures on degital signal processors.
18 大塚 寛治
Kanji Ohtsuka
明星大学 For contribution to Ceramic Multilayer Substrate, IC and LSI Packaging Technology and Multichip Module Technology.
19 堺 孝夫
Takao Sakai
武蔵工大 For the analysis of deterioration of insulating materials caused by partial discharge and corona discharge in gases.
20 榊 裕之
Hiroyuki Sakaki
東京大学 For seminal contributions to quantum effects in semiconductor nanostructures and devices.
21 白鳥 則郎
Norio Shiratori
東北大学 For contributions to the theory and practice of advanced computer netoworks.
22 角南 英夫
Hideo Sumani
日立 For contributions to the development of trench-capacitor DRAM cells and ultra-high density DRAMs.
23 高梨 裕文
Hirobumi Takanashi
富士通研 For leadership and contributions in the development of optical semiconductor devices and transmission systems.
24 谷口 研二
Kenji Taniguchi
大阪大学 For contributions to the development of MOS device fabrication processes, particularly dielectric breakdown and oxxygen-enhanced diffusion.
25 東倉 洋一
Yoh’ichi Thokura
NTT For leadership in collaborative research on human-machine processing.
26 山本 裕
Yutaka Yamamoto
京都大学 For contributions to the development of trench-capacitor DRAM cells and ultra-high density DRAMs.
27 安田 浩
Hiroshi Yasuda
東京大学 For contributions to international standardization activities on video coding technologies and the research and development of visual communications and multimedia communications systems.
28 四元 勝一
Katsuichi Yotsumoto
NTT For contributions to highly efficient and reliable telecommunications energy systems.