IEEE 日本支部

1997 New Fellows

No. Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 金 東海
CHIN Tung-Hai
上智大学 For contributions to the development of adjustable speed drive of inductionmachines and pioneering research work on power electronics.
2 藤原 英二
Eiji Fujiwara
東京工業大学 For contributions to the theory and design of error-control codes for computer systems.
3 平澤 茂一
Shigeichi Hirasawa
早稲田大学 For contributions to the development of channel coding schemes and error-correcting codes.
4 本城 和彦
Kazuhiko Honjo
日本電気 For contributions to the development of gallium-arsenide integrated circuits.
5 今井 元
Hajime Imai
富士通研 For contribution to the development of laser diodes for optical transmission systems.
6 石井 六哉
Rokuya Ishii
横浜国大 For contributions to the theory of and applications to digital signal processing.
7 岩井 洋
Hiroshi Iwai
東芝 For contributions to ultra-small geometry CMOS BiCMOS devices.
8 亀山 充隆
Michitaka Kameyama
東北大 For contributions to the development of multiple-valued intelligent integrated systems.
9 小林 三佐夫
Misao kobayashi
サージプロテクト For contributions to development and production of Metal Oxide Gapless Surge Arrester.
10 小柳 光正
Mitsumasa Koyanagi
東北大 For the invention of the stacked capacitor DRAM cell.
11 久間 和生
Kazuo Kyuma
三菱電機 For contributions to optical information processing including optical neuro-chip and artificial retina chips.
12 牧 直樹
Naoki Maki
東海大 For contributions to the development of superconducting generators and magnetically levitated systems.
13 牧本 次生
Tsugio Makimoto
日立製作所 For leadership in the development and production of MOS integrated circuits and memory.
14 松岡 良輔
Ryosuke Matsuoka/td>
日本ガイシ For contributions to the research and development of high voltage insulators
15 三国 良彦
Yoshihiko Mikuni
東芝テクノセンタ For contributions to TV broadcasting and receiving antennas.
16 宮原 秀夫
Hideo Miyahara
大阪大 For contributions to modeling and performance evaluation of computer communication networks.
17 仲西 幸一郎
Koichiro Nakanishi
三菱電機 For contributions to the study of dc gas insulation and its application to high voltage swichgears.
18 西川 敏夫
Toshio Nishikawa
村田製作所 For contributions to the development of microwave devices for mobile communication systems based on low-loss dielectric ceramics.
19 大前 力
Tsutomu Ohmae
日立製作所 For contributions to microprocessor controlled motor drives and their industrial applications.
20 大手 明
Akira Ohte
横河電機 For contribution to and leadership in the development of a fully automatic nuclear quadrupole resonance thermometer and its application to precise temperature measurement.
21 斉藤 正男
Masao Saito
東京電機大 For contributions to the application of bioelectromagnetics and signal theory in medicine.
22 柴山 乾夫
Kimio Shibayama
玉川大 For contributions to the development of surface acoustic wave transducers,materials, and devices.
23 鈴木 孝雄
Takao Suzuki
豊田工業大 For contribution to the understanding of micromagnetics and to the development of magneto-optical recording technology.
24 竹内 精一
Seiichi Takeuchi
東京電機大 For pioneering work in fiber optic network systems.
25 田崎 三郎
Saburo Tazaki
愛媛大 For contributions to the advancement of digital storage systems for signal processing, coding and video compression sing vector quantization.
26 和田 修
Osamu Wada
富士通研 For his contribution to III-V semiconductor Optoelectonic Integrated Circuit (OEIC).
27 渡辺 泰夫
Yasuo Watanabe
電中研 For contributions to the development of insulation of UHV ac and dc transmission lines and analysis of lightning performance of overhead power transmission lines.
28 山西 正道
Masamichi Yamanishi
東海大 For his contribution to the theory of electro-optic properties in semiconductor quantum well structures.
29 吉田 庄司
Shoji Yoshida
東海大 For leadership in digital and analog communication network system development.