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Awards and Recognition Committee 活動


Awards and Recognition Committee 活動



IEEEは、“IEEE fosters technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”の全体ミッションの下、世界各地で各種の活発な活動を行っているが、そうした活動の一つに「MGA(Member and Geographic Activities)」がある。

MGAは世界の各地域におけるIEEEメンバーの活動を推進することをミッションとしており、そのための基本活動単位として各地域に「支部(Section)」と呼ばれる組織を構築している。現在世界には344の支部があり、日本においても9つの支部(札幌、仙台、東京、信越、名古屋、関西、広島、四国、福岡)がある。さらに、MGAは国単位での活動を支援、推進する組織として「カウンシル(Council)」と呼ばれる組織も各国に構築しており、日本には「Japan Council」がある。

日本国内におけるMGAの活動は、1955 年の活動開始以降これまで多くの IEEE ボランティア会員の支部やカウンシルにおける献身的な活動に支えられて発展してきた。こうした状況を踏まえ、Japan Council では、国内全体のMGA活動においてこれまでにoutstandingな貢献をされたボランティア会員を表彰させていただくべく、昨年より

IEEE Japan Council Outstanding Volunteer Award


IEEE Japan Council Awards and Recognition Committee


本 Award の詳細(内容、及びノミネーションフォーム)は以下を参照されたい。



添付資料1:  IEEE Japan Council Outstanding Volunteer Award の Description



添付資料2:  IEEE Japan Council Outstanding Volunteer AwardのNomination Form


なお、本Award の受賞者の選考においては、国内の特定の支部や地域に限定された貢献ではなく、国内全体のMGA活動に対する outstanding なご貢献やインパクトを受賞基準としている。具体的には、例えば以下のような貢献を受賞対象としている:

  • ジャパンカウンシルの活動 における、有効な新規活動の立ち上げとその推進、または従来から行われている活動のエンハンスにおけるoutstandingな貢献
  • 個々の支部内での活動ではあるが、国内のMGA活動全体に大きなインパクトを与えたoutstandingな貢献(特定の支部内に限定された貢献は受賞の対象とはしない)




Chair 南 隆敏
Member 宮永 喜一 (2023 Japan Council Chair)
Member 橋本 隆子 (2023 Japan Council Past Chair)
Member 原崎 秀信 (2023 Japan Council Vice Chair)
Member 奥村 治彦 (2023 Japan Council Secretary)
Member 重松 昌行 (2023 Japan Council Past Secretary)
Member 樋口 健一 (2023 Japan Council Treasurer)
Member 前原 文明 (2023 Japan Council Past Treasurer)




  • Call for Nominations発行: 2023年8月4日
  • Nominationの期限: 2023年10月10日 
  • 受賞者の発表: 2023年12月25日 (予定)



2023年の受賞者 (1名)

In December 2023, 2023 IEEE Japan Council Outstanding Volunteer Award was presented to Kojiro Nishimiya, for outstanding contributions and exemplary leadership in promoting YP, WIE, SIGHT (Special Interesting Group on Humanitarian Technology), Student, and educational activities in Japan.

Major contributions are as follows:

  • Kojiro Nishimiya has long been active as a young outstanding IEEE volunteer in Japan. He has made strong leadership contributions to advance the mission of IEEE across a wide spectrum of IEEE member and geographic activities through SAC, YP, WIE, and SIGHT, as well as educational activities. He became the Tokyo YP Chair in 2015. He then became the first JC YP Coordinator in 2017. When Nagoya YP was established in December 2015. he provided active support for its establishment. When the first MAW (Metro Area Workshop) was held in Japan in 2015, he served as the coordinator of the YP session. When the first JC SYWL workshop was held in 2016, he led the organizing of the workshop as the representative of the YP members.
  • Japan Council organized the IEEE Japan Sections’ 60th Anniversary Celebration in the series of R10 Fifty Years Cerebrations in 2017. He served as a member of its organizing committee and organized the SYWL Workshop with global guests. He also organized the local sake party and “Hinamatsuri” in the reception of the cerebration. The guests from abroad were impressed by the hospitality extended in the reception.
  • He also encouraged IEEE student activities. He made the environment easier for students to continue IEEE activities. At Aoyama Gakuin University to which he belongs, the Aoyama Gakuin University Student Branch was established in 2017 with his support. He became a counselor of the student branch.
  • In recognition of his works while he was JC YP coordinator and Tokyo YP Chair, Tokyo YP received the 2016 YP Hall of Fame Award and 2017 Region10 YP Outstanding Section Affinity Group Award. He individually received the Region 10 YP Outstanding Volunteer in Academia Award.
  • In 2018, he led the establishment of Tokyo SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) that is the first IEEE SIGHT founded in Japan. He and the SIGHT members have been giving “Career Navigator” (visiting lectures, first in 2010) to elementary, junior high, and high schools. He also organized “Hack Challenge” (Hackathon, first in 2016) for university students. These activities contributed to the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education activities by students and YP members. The Tokyo SIGHT continuously organizes special invited talks to promote research in the Humanitarian Technology (HT) field.
  • In August 2023, the Tokyo SIGHT organized an IEEE Humanitarian Activities Workshop in Japan in hybrid mode (on-site and online). He demonstrated strong leadership in organizing this workshop and asked LMAG, WIE, and SAC to cooperate and work together. As a result, the workshop was well-attended and a success.
  • He is also active internationally. He served as the Region 10 YP North Asia Coordinator in 2017-2018, a member of the Region 10 Professional Activity Committee in 2019, and the Region 10 Section Chapter Committee in 2021-2023. Through the Region 10 activities, he introduced and gave speeches about IEEE activities in Japan.