IEEE 日本支部

2000 New Fellows

No. Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 秋山 英範
Hidenori Akiyama
熊本大学 For contributions to the development of pulsed power technology and its industrial applications.
2 浅野 和俊
Kazutoshi Asano
山形大学 For experimental and analytical studies of fundamental electrohydrodynamic phenomena in liquids and their engineering applications.
3 羽鳥 光俊
Mitsutoshi Hatori
学術情報センタ For contributions in communication engineering and broadcasting engineering.
4 小林 淳男
Sumio Kobayashi
東芝 For contributions to the development of advanced high voltage light-fired thyristors.
5 松尾 博文
Hirofumi Matsuo
長崎大学 For contributions to the education, research and development of efficient electronic power conversion, and switching power conditioning circuits
6 右高 正俊
Masatoshi Migitaka
豊田工業大学 For contributions to research and development of silicon high temperature integrated circuits.
7 三木 哲也
Tetsuya Miki
電気通信大学 For contributions to optical transmission systems and Fiber-To-The-Home.
8 長尾 真
Makoto Nagao
京都大学 For contributions and pioneering leadership in natural language processing, intelligent image analysis, and multimedia digital library systems.
9 中山 正之
Masayuki Nakayama
ソニー For contributions to the development and standardization of the 3.5 inch floppy disk drive system.
10 大木 義路
Yoshimichi Ohki
早稲田大学 For contributions to understanding of high-field and laser induced dielectric phenomena in insulating materials.
11 太田 直久
Naohisa Ohta
ソニー For contributions to the research and development of technologies and applications for high quality digital image and video communications of high-power excimer lasers and soft x-ray lasers.
12 小貫 天
Takashi Onuki
早稲田大学 For contributions to the numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields for linear motors.
13 大内 一弘
Kazuiro Ouchi
秋田県高度技術研究所 For contributions to the development of Co-Cr alloy based thin film magnetic recording media.
14 小沢 孝夫
Takao Ozawa
龍谷大学 For contributions to theories and algorithms for circuit-systems analysis, diagnosis, and design.
15 斉藤 忠夫
Tadao Saito
東京大学 For contribution to digital switching networks.
16 佐藤 繁
Sigeru Sato
富士通研究所 For technical leadership in circuit and packaging technologies and the application of artificial intelligence techniques.
17 関井 康雄
Yasuo Sekii
千葉工業大学 For contribution to understanding and development of extra-high voltage AC and DC cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable system.
18 鳥居 宏次
Koji Torii
奈良先端科技大学院大学 For contributions to empirical software engineering.
19 堤 誠
Makoto Tsutsumi
京都工繊大学 For contributions to the development of magnetostatic wave devices, ferrite components and microwave education.
20 梅村 晋一郎
Shin-ichiro Umemura
日立製作所 For contributions to biomedical ultrasonics.
21 山中 直明
Naoaki Yamanaka
NTT For contribution to ultra-high-speed communication technologies and systems.
22 横山 直樹
Naoki Yokoyama
富士通研究所 For contributions to the development of self-aligned gallium arsenide MESFET integrated circuits.
23 吉川 恒夫
Tsuneo Yoshikawa
京都大学 For contributions to the analysis and control of robotic mechanism.For contributions to the analysis and control of robotic mechanism.
24 油田 信一
Shinichi Yuta
筑波大学 For contributions to navigation, programming, and architectures of sensor-based mobile robots.