IEEE 日本支部

2001 New Fellows

No. Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 赤岩 芳彦
Yoshihiko Akaiwa
九州大学 For contributions to digital modulation techniques and distributed dynamic channel assignment for mobile radio communications.
2 萩原 良昭
Yoshiaki Hagiwara
ソニー For pioneering work on, and development of, solid-state imagers.
3 服部 健雄
Takeo Hattori
武蔵工業大学 For contributions to the studies on the formation and the characterization of ultrathin gate oxides for ULSI devices.
4 雛元 孝夫
Takao Hinamoto
広島大学 For contributions to the design, synthesis, realization and sensitivity minimization of two-dimensional digital filters.
5 冷水 佐壽
Satoshi Hiyamizu
大阪大学 For contributions to the realization of the first high electron mobility transister (HEMT).
6 堀田 正生
Masao Hotta
日立製作所 For contributions to the development of low-power video-frequency Analog to Digital converters for mixed-signal system Large Scale Integrated circuits.
7 飯田 尚志
Takashi Iida
郵政省通信総合研究所 For contributions and leadership in satellite commmunications.
8 石原 宏
Hiroshi Ishiwara
東京工業大学 For contributions to Si-based heterostructure devices and ferroelectric memories.
9 上林 彌彦
Yahiko Kamibayashi
京都大学 For fundamental contributions in database design, consecutive data retrieval, and cooperative information processing.
10 神山 健三
Kenzo Kamiyama
宇都宮大学 For contributions to the development of digital motor drives and their applications.
11 片桐 滋
Shigerui katagiri
NTT For contributions to discriminative learning theory and its applications to speech recognition.
12 森永 規彦
Norihiko Morinaga
大阪大学 For contributions to and leadership in the development of intelligent radio communication systems and broadband radio on fiber systems.
13 森野 明彦
Akihiko Morino
半導体先端テクノロジーズ For contributions to the development of System-on-a-Chip for multimedia applications.
14 中津 良平
Ryohei Nakatsu
ATR For leadership in the development of speech recognition and multimedia systems.
15 二宮 保
Tamotsu Ninomiya
九州大学 For contributions to the development of high-frequency switching power converters.
16 西 謙二
Kenji Nishi
半導体先端テクノロジーズ For contributions to semiconductor process and device modeling and the development of software for their simulation.
17 大西 公平
Kouhei Ohnishi
慶應義塾大学 For contributions to the development of disturbance observer and its applications to motion control.
18 仙石 正和
Masakazu Sengoku
新潟大学 For contributions to graph theoretic research on circuits and communication network systems.
19 新藤 孝敏
Takatoshi Shindo
電力中央研究所 For contributions to lightning protection design of power transmission systems and understanding of the physics of laser-guided discharges.
20 篠田 庄司
Shoji Shinoda
中央大学 For contributions to graph-theoretic researches on flow and tension networks, electrical circuits, and cellular mobile communication systems.
21 塩沢 俊之
Toshiyuki Shiozawa
大阪大学 For contributions to engineering-oriented relativistic electromagnetic theory and theoretical study of free-electron lasers.
22 鈴木 滋彦
Shigehiko Suzuki
NTT For leadership in the development and standardization of technologies for intelligence in telecommunications networks.
23 高野 忠
Tadashi Takano
宇宙科学研究所 For development of antennas for radio communications and space activities.
24 田中 初一
Hatsukazu Tanaka
神戸大学 For contributions to the theory of source and channel coding and its applications, as well as for contributions to education in engineering.
25 田中 祀捷
Toshikatsu Tanaka
電力中央研究所 For contributions to the understanding of high field and aging phenomena in polymeric insulation.
26 鳥脇 純一郎
Junichiro Toriwaki
名古屋大学 For contributions to digital image processing, pattern recognition and medical image analysis.
27 内川 嘉樹
Yoshiki Uchikawa
名古屋大学大学院 For contributions to the development of computational intelligence.
28 上野 照剛
Shoogo Ueno
東京大学大学院 For contributions to biomagnetic research in localized magnetic stimulation of the brain, impedance MRI, and imaging of brain function.
29 鷲塚 諌
Isamu Washizuka
シャープ For contributions to the technology and applications of liquid crystal displays.
30 矢島 脩三
Shuzo Yajima
関西大学 For contributions to the development of computers and the theory of logic circuits.
31 山口 正恆
Masatsune Yamaguchi
千葉大学 For contributions to highly piezoelectric leaky surface acoustic waves.
32 吉野 武彦
Yoshino Takehiko
NHK技術局 For contributions to the development of transmission systems via satellite.