IEEE 日本支部

2002 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 仙台 安達 文幸
Fumiaki Adachi
東北大学 For contributions and leadership in digital cellular communication technologies.
2 東京 秋葉 重幸
Shigeyuki AKiba/td>
KDDI研究所 For contributions to infrared semiconductor lasers and to the development of high capacity transoceanic undersea cable systems.
3 東京 青山 友紀
Tomonori Aoyama
東京大学 For contributions to digital signal processing for communications and broadband communication networks.
4 東京 茅根 直樹
Naoki Chinoe
opnext Japan For contributions to the development and understanding of semiconductor lasers.
5 仙台 中鉢 憲賢
Noriyoshi Chubachi
東北学院大学 For contributions to the field of piezoelectric materials, ultrasonic microsopy, materials characterization, and medical ultrasonics.
6 東京 藤井 信生
Nobuo Fujii
東京工業大学 For contributions to the theory and design of active filters.
7 東京 藤澤 浩道
Hiromichi Fujisawa
日立製作所 For contributions to document understanding including handwritten Chinese character recognition and document retrieval.
8 東京 二本 正昭
Masaaki Futamoto
日立製作所 For contributions to perpendicular magnetic recording.
9 名古屋 後藤 俊夫
Tohshio Goto
名古屋大学 For contributions to plasma processing, gaseous electronics and lasers.
10 東京 疋田 光孝
Mitsuyaka Hikita
日立製作所 For contributions to the development of surface-acoustic-wave devices for mobile communications.
11 東京 平川 秀治
Shuji Hirakawa
東芝 For contributions to the innovation of coded-modulation and set-partitioning, and applications of error-correcting codes to a real digital broadcasting system.
12 福岡 生野 浩正
Hiromasa Ikuno
熊本大学 For contributions to the development of new numerical methods and asymtotic techniques in computational electromagnetics.
13 東京 井上 友二
Yuji Inoue
NTTデータ For contributions to the development of technologies for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) networking architecture and multimedia networks.
14 関西 石田 亨
Toru Ishida
京都大学 For contributions to autonomous agents and multiagent systems.
15 東京 石田 修己
Osami Ishida
三菱電機 For leadership in research and development of microwave devices for mobile communication.
16 東京 石川 浩
Hiroshi Ishikawa
富士通研究所 For contributions to semiconductor and new material lasers.
17 広島 金谷 健一
Kenichi Kanatani
岡山大学 For contributions to computer vision.
18 東京 加藤 政一
Masakazu Kato
東芝 For contributions to the development of electric power network operation systems using artificial intelligence technologies.
19 東京 河内 正夫
Masao Kawachi
NTT For contributions to optical fiber communications using silica-based optical fibers and planar lightwave circuits
20 東京 川上 潤三
Junzo Kawakami
日立製作所 For contributions to the research and development of artificial intelligence applications in power engineering.
21 東京 河村 篤男
Atsuo Kawamura
横浜国大 For contributions to real-time digital feedback control of PWM inverters and its application to UPS.
22 東京 小林 尚登
Hisato Kobayashi
法政大学 For contributions to the research field of human-robot interactive communication.
23 東京 前田 久明
Hisaaki Maeda
東京大学 For contributions to the theory of floating structures and wave energy absorption.
24 名古屋 松井 信行
Nobuyuki Matsui
名古屋工業大学 For contributions to the theory and practice of control of AC motor drives.
25 関西 松澤 昭
Akira Matsuzawa
松下電器 For contributions to high-speed A/D converters and mixed-signal integrated circuits.
26 東京 村野 和雄
Kazuo Murano
富士通 For contributions to the research and development of communications signal processing and DSP LSIs, and the standardization of ISDN user-network interface.
27 東京 南谷 崇
Takashi Nanya
東京大学 For contribution to the theory and design of self-checking and asynchronous VLSI systems.
28 東京 西脇 進
Susumu Nishiwaki
東芝 For contributions to the understanding of high voltage switching phenomena.
29 東京 西澤 台次
Taiji Nishizawa
シャープ For contributions to broadcast engineering.
30 東京 逢坂 哲彌
Tetsuya Osaka
早稲田大学 For contributions in the field of high-density magnetic recording
31 東京 斉藤 忠
Tadashi Saitoh
東京農工大学 For contributions to development of crystalline silicon solar cells and materials for photovoltaic applications.
32 東京 坂村 健
Ken Sakamura
東京大学 For contributions to the development of computer architecture.
33 東京 阪田 省二郎
Shojiro Sakata
電気通信大学 For contributions to the theory of multidimensional arrays and codes.
34 東京 執行 直之
Naoyuki Shigyo
東芝 For contributions to the development of technology-oriented computer-aided design of semiconductor devices.
35 関西 塩嵜 忠
Tadashi Shiosaki
奈良先端科学技術大学 For contributions to SAW devices and nonvolatile memories.
36 東京 立川 敬二
Keiji Tachikawa
NTTドコモ For contributions to and leadership in the development, introduction, and standardization of mobile communications systems.
37 広島 土屋 敏章
Tohshiaki Tsuchiya
島根大学 For contributions to the understanding of the reliability physics of MOS devices and the development of hot-carrier-immune CMOS tecnologies.
38 関西 鷲津 正夫
Masao Washizu
京都大学 For contributions to the application of electric fields to the manipulation of molecules and cells for biological research.
39 東京 谷内 利明
Toshiaki Yachi
NTT For contributions to power semiconductor and micro-magnetic devices.
40 東京 山田 昭彦
Akihiko Yamada
国立科学博物館 For contributions to design and test methodologies for large digital systems.
41 東京 山口 芳雄
Yashio Yamaguchi
新潟大学 For contributions to the development of real-time and fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar systems for short-range sensing of buried objects.