IEEE 日本支部

2008 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 東京 穴見 健治
Kenji Anami
For invention of the divided word line structure for high-speed, low-power logic and memory
2 関西 粟井 郁雄
Ikuo Awai
龍谷大学 For contributions to microwave passive components
3 東京 萩本 和男
Kazuo Hagimoto
NTT For contributions to very large capacity optical transmission systems
4 関西 浜田 弘喜
Hiroki Hamada
三洋電機 For contributions to red semiconductor laser diodes and polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors
5 東京 伊部 英史
Eishi Ibe
日立製作所 For contributions to neutron-induced soft-error analysis for semiconductor memory devices
6 東京 井上 嵩梓
Takeshi Inoue
NEC For contributions to bulk wave piezoelectric devices and applications
7 東京 亀田 壽夫
Hisao Kameda
筑波大学 For contributions to performance optimization methods for information processing systems
8 東京 粕川 秋彦
Akihiko Kasukawa
古河電気工業 For contributions to high power semiconductor lasers as pump sources for optical amplifiers
9 東京 小山 二三夫
Fumio Koyama
東京工業大学 For contributions to semiconductor optical devices for broadband optical communications
10 東京 久保田 啓一
Keiichi Kubota
日本放送協会 For contributions to HDTV compression and transmission systems
11 仙台 村岡 裕明
Hiroaki Muraoka
東北大学 For contributions to perpendicular magnetic recording and to recording heads and media
12 関西 野田 進
Susumu Noda
京都大学 For contributions to photonic crystals and nanophotonics
13 関西 上田 大助
Daisuke Ueda
松下電器 For contributions to power-saving semiconductor devices and circuits
14 東京 上田 裕巳
Hiromi Ueda
東京工科大学 For contributions to synchronous digital hierarchy transmission systems and optical access systems
15 名古屋 清水 教之
Noriyuki Shimizu
名城大学 For contributions to the understanding of degradation mechanism of polymeric insulating materials
16 東京 矢野 薫
Kaoru Yano
NEC For leadership in development of digital transmission systems
17 東京 安田 豊
Yutaka Yasuda
KDDI For contributions to mobile digital satellite communication systems