IEEE Japan Council

2020 New Fellows


No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Akihiko Kandori Hitachi for contributions to superconductive magnetocardiography and diagnostic technology
2 Tokyo Atsuo Takanishi Waseda University for contribution to the development of humanoid robots
3 Tokyo Mutsuhiro Mori Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device for contributions to high voltage insulated gate bipolar transistor for traction and high voltage systems
4 Tokyo Yuji Suzuki The University of Tokyo for development of electret materials
5 Tokyo Zhenjiang Hu Peking University / National Institute of Informatics(NII) for contributions to robust software development
6 Kansai Akira Inoue Mitsubishi Electric for development of inverse class-F power amplifiers for mobile phones
7 Kansai Osamu Tabata Kyoto University for contributions to the development and commercialization of micro electro mechanical systems
8 Shikoku Masahiko Jinno Kagawa University for contributions to elastic optical networks and C-and L-band transmission systems