IEEE Japan Council

2016 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Kiyoharu AIZAWA University of Tokyo for contributions to model-based coding and multimedia lifelogging
2 Tokyo Masayuki FUJITA Tokyo Institute of Technology for contributions to passivity-based control in robotics and robust control
3 Tokyo Katsumi KISHINO Sophia University for contributions to III-V light emitter technology
4 Tokyo Hitoshi KIYA Tokyo Metropolitan University for contributions to filter structure, data hiding, and multimedia security
5 Tokyo Shinji MATSUO NTT for contributions to heterogeneous integration of semiconductor lasers
6 Tokyo Haruhiko OKUMURA Toshiba for contribution to image processing and display technologies
7 Tokyo Kenichi OSADA Hitachi for contributions to reliable and low-power nanoscale SRAM
8 Tokyo Toru TANZAWA Micron Memory, Japan for contributions to integrated high-voltage circuits
9 Tokyo Akira TORIUMI University of Tokyo for contributions to device physics and materials engineering for advanced CMOS technology
10 Kansai Tatsuo ARAI Osaka University for contributions to micro manipulators and sensors, and applications to cellular biology
11 Kansai Tomohiro HASE Ryukoku University for contributions to embedded software for real-time applications
12 Kansai Satoshi NAKAMURA Nara Institute of Science and Technology for contributions to speech recognition and speech-to-speech translation