IEEE Japan Council

2017 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Hideto HIDAKA Renesas Electronics Corporation for leadership in high-density memory technologies for automotive applications
2 Tokyo Kenichi KAGOSHIMA Ibaraki University for contributions to antennas for satellite communication and mobile wireless access systems
3 Tokyo Hironori KASAHARA Waseda University for contributions to multicore architectures and power reducing parallelizing compilers
4 Tokyo Takao KOBAYASHI Tokyo Institute of Technology for contributions to expressive speech synthesis based on a statistical parametric approach
5 Tokyo Junichi NAKAMURA Brillnics Japan Inc. for leadership in CMOS image sensors
6 Tokyo Shu NAMIKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology for contributions to optical amplification
7 Tokyo Toshihisa SHIMIZU Tokyo Metropolitan University for development of reliable power converters for industrial and renewable energy applications
8 Nagoya Masahito HAYASHI Nagoya University for contributions to Shannon theory, information-theoretic security, and quantum information theory
9 Nagoya Akimasa HIRATA Nagoya Institute of Technology for contributions to safety assessment and standardization of human exposure to electromagnetic fields
10 Nagoya Kenji ITOH Kanazawa Institute of Technology for contributions to microwave harmonic mixers and applications to mobile terminal devices
11 Kansai Tatsuya KAWAHARA Kyoto University for contributions to speech recognition and understanding
12 Sendai Akihiro NITAYAMA Tohoku University for leadership in 3-dimensional NAND Flash memory technology development