IEEE Japan Council

2018 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Kohtaro ASAI Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for contributions to video coding development and standardization
2 Tokyo Hajime ASAMA University of Tokyo for contributions to distributed autonomous robotic systems
3 Tokyo Akira FUJIWARA NTT for contributions to silicon single-electron devices
4 Tokyo Yoshihito HIRANO Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for leadership in the development of 1.5-micron wind sensing lidar
5 Tokyo Noriko KAWAKAMI Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp. for contributions to large-capacity power converters and applications
6 Tokyo Hideki MOTOYAMA Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Corporation for contributions to lightning protection and insulation coordination of electric power systems
7 Kansai Shugen MA Ritsumeikan University for contributions to the design and control of environment-adaptive robots
8 Kansai Hidetoshi ONODERA Kyoto University for contributions to variation-aware design and analysis of integrated circuits
9 Kansai Hiroshi SAWADA NTT for contributions to blind source separation of speech and audio signals
10 Sendai Hideo OHNO Tohoku University for contributions to materials and device design for spintronics
11 Sendai Seiji SAMUKAWA Tohoku University for contributions to damage-free plasma processing for nano-device manufacturing
12 Sendai Shuji TANAKA Tohoku University for contributions to micro-electromechanical systems for acoustic wave devices, physical sensors, and power generation