IEEE Japan Council

2014 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Sendai Taiichi Otsuji Tohoku University For contributions to plasmonic semiconductor integrated device technology for terahertz sensing
2 Sendai Migaku Takahashi Tohoku University For contributions to thin film technology for high-density recording media and heads
3 Shin-etsu Weihua Jiang Nagaoka University of Technology For contributions to repetitive pulsed power generation utilizing solid-state device technology
4 Tokyo Toshio Iguchi National Institute of Information and Communications Technology For contributions to spaceborne meteorological instruments and radar
5 Tokyo Kazunari Ishimaru TOSHIBA For contributions to static random access memory and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor devices
6 Tokyo Senichi Suzuki NTT For contributions to high-density integrated silica-based planar lightwave circuits for optical communications
7 Tokyo Hiroshi Takahashi Sophia University For contributions to arrayed-waveguide gratings
8 Tokyo Kazuo Tanaka The University of Electro-Communications For contributions to fuzzy control system design and analysis
9 Nagoya Takunori Taira National Institutes of Natural Sciences For contributions to micro solid-state photonics
10 Nagoya Hisao Taoka University of Fukui For contributions to computing technology for power system analysis and control
11 Nagoya Keiichi Tokuda Nagoya Institute of Technology For contributions to hidden Markov model-based speech synthesis
12 Kansai Hisao Ishibuchi Osaka Prefecture University For contributions to evolutionary multiobjective optimization and fuzzy rule-based classifier design
13 Kansai Toru Shimizu Renesas Electronics Corp. For development of integrated multi-core microprocessors with large memories