IEEE Japan Council

2009 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Yoshitaka Fukuoka Worldwide Electronic Integrated Substrate Technology Inc. For development of multichip module and high density substrate technologies
2 Tokyo Kazuhito Furuya Tokyo Institute of Technology For contributions optical fibers, semiconductor lasers and electron wave devices
3 Tokyo Junzo Kasahara Japan Continental Shelf Survey Co.Ltd. For contributions to submarine seismic technology
4 Kanai Michio Kadota Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. For contributions to surface acoustic wave devices
5 Nagoya Shoji Kawahito Shizuoka University For contributions to sensor interfacing, sensor signal processing and multiple-level signaling
6 Nagoya Takashi Mizutani Nagoya University For contributions to device physics, nanostructures and heterostructure devices
7 Sendai Satoshi Tadokoro Tohoku University For leadership in the development and development of rescue robotics
8 Tokyo Takeshi Taneichi Tokyo Electric Power Company For leadership in developing and applying advanced power generation and transmission technology
9 Kansai Shinichi Tamura Osaka University For contributions to pattern recognition and image analysis
10 Tokyo Masayuki Sato Gunma University For development of high voltage pulsed plasma in water
11 Tokyo Kensuke Sekihara Japan Continental Shelf Survey Co.Ltd. For contributions to electromagnetic brain imaging
12 Tokyo Mitsuo Usami Hitachi, Ltd. For contributions to radio-frequency identification technology
13 Fukuoka Takeshi Yamakawa Kyushu Institute of Technology For contributions in hardware implementation of fuzzy logic and other soft computing systems
14 Tokyo Toshiaki Yamamoto Musashi Institute of Technology For contributions to pollution and contamination control
15 Tokyo Ryuichi Yokoyama Waseda University For leadership in electrical power system management