IEEE Japan Council

2013 New Fellows

No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Sendai Nei Kato Tohoku University For contributions to satellite systems and network intrusion detection
2 Tokyo Andrzej Cichocki RIKEN Brain Science Insitute For contributions to applications of blind signal processing and artificial neural networks
3 Tokyo Takatomo Enoki NTT For contributions to compound semiconductor high speed integrated circuits for optical and wireless communication systems
4 Tokyo Hiroyuki Arai Yokohama National University For contributions to the design and analysis of low profile antennas for mobile communications
5 Tokyo Akira Hirose The University of Tokyo For contributions to theory and radar applications of complex-valued neural networks
6 Tokyo Tetsuya Kawanishi Nat’l Inst. of Information & Communications Technology For contributions to high-speed and precise lightwave modulation technologies
7 Tokyo Kazuro Kikuchi University of Tokyo For contributions to coherent optical communication systems
8 Tokyo Masaru Kitsuregawa University of Tokyo For contributions to high performance database technology
9 Tokyo Masaaki Niwa University of Tsukuba For contributions to CMOS technology using high dielectric constant materials and metal gate
10 Tokyo Masaya Notomi NTT Basic Research Laboratories For leadership in the development of photonic crystals and applications
11 Tokyo Eiji Oki The University of Electro-Communications For contributions to high-performance packet switching and path computation technologies
12 Tokyo Takuro Sato Waseda University For contributions to W-CDMA cellular standardization
13 Tokyo Hirotaka Tamura Fujitsu Laboratories LTD. For contributions to technology for high speed interconnects
14 Tokyo Haruhiko Tsuchiya University of Yamanashi For contributions to single-mode optical fiber transmission
15 Nagoya Masayuki Tanimoto Nagoya University For contributions to the development of free-viewpoint television and its MPEG standard