IEEE 日本支部



IEEE Medals
香山 晋

(K. Associates)

For global executive leadership in CMOS technology development, and for standardization of design methodology and its impact on the semiconductor  industry.
IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Electronics Packaging Technology Award
小柳 光正
For pioneering contributions leading to the commercialization of 3D wafer and die level stacking packaging.
IEEE Richard Haold Kaufmann Award
松瀨 貢規
For pioneering contributions to the advancement of sensorless vector control of AC drives and multilevel inverters for industrial applications.
IEEE Frederik Philips Award
矢野 和男
For leadership in the development and materialization of human-centric IoT technology in the electronics industry.
IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award
喜連川 優
For contributions to big data collection and analytics of real-world problems with advanced data engineering technologies.
IEEE Nikola Tesla Award
千葉 明
For contributions to bearingless and reluctance motors.