IEEE 日本支部


IEEE Medals
IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal
中原 恒雄
For pioneering work on the design and development of manufacturing systems for optical fibers.
IEEE Lamme Medal
山村 昌
For achievements on analysis methods of electrical circuits and machines, linear induction motors, and motion of electric arcs.


IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award
藤尾 孝
For contributions to microwave and millimeter wave technology, and international scientific cooperation.
林 宏三
杉本 昌穂
森園 正彦
二宮 佑一
IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award
中原 恒雄
For pioneering contributions to the physical understanding, manufacture, and deployment of optical fiber communications systems.
John Midwinter
IEEE Frederik Philips Award
青木 利晴
For leadership of research & development contributing to world-wide advances in digital switching, network intelligence and broadband communications.
IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award
中沢 正隆
For pioneering development of 1.48 μm InGaAsP laser-diode pumping of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA).