IEEE 日本支部


IEEE Medals
IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal
荒川 泰彦 (東京大学) For contributions to the development and commercialization of quantum dot lasers.
IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award
青山 友紀 (東京大学)早坂 高志 (ジェムコ 日本経営) For pioneering contributions in super-high-definition image technologies leading to 4K digital cinema and television.
IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award
久本 大 (日立製作所) For pioneering work in the manufacturing of three-dimensional double-gate MOSFET devices.
IEEE Richard Harold Kaufmann Award
多田隈 進 (千葉工業大学) For pioneering contributions to high-power converters and drives for high-speed-train and industrial applications.