IEEE 日本支部


IEEE Medals
IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology
青柳 卓雄
For pioneering contributions to pulse oximetry that have had a profound impact on healthcare.


IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Cledo Brunetti Award
岩井 洋
For contributions to the scaling of CMOS devices.
IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award
江刺 正喜
For developments in micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) used in transportation and industrial electronics.
IEEE Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award
大野 克郎
For fundamental contributions to the foundation of classical circuit theory.
IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award
石井 威望
For pioneering the concept of dependable autonomous decentralized systems and contributing to its practical application in early transport control systems.
井原 廣一
市川 淳信


IEEE Recognitions
IEEE Haraden Pratt Award
原島 文雄
For outstanding leadership in globalization and diversity of IEEE communities.