IEEE 日本支部


IEEE Medals
IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies
吉野 彰
For developing the lithium-ion battery, which enables significant fuel conservation and reduced emissions as power storage for electric vehicles and for smartgrids incorporating renewables.


IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award
高橋 直也
For leadership in the development of innovative storage systems for heterogeneous open and mainframe servers, business continuity solutions and virtualization of heterogeneous storage systems.
IEEE David Sarnoff Award
大野 英男
For seminal contributions and leadership in bridging semiconductor electronics with magnetism and spintronics.


IEEE Recognitions
IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognition
パナソニック For developing and commercializing high-performance heterojunction solar cell technology (HIT).
IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition
飯塚 哲哉
For pioneering de facto standard video chips for moving images and nurturing entrepreneurship in Japan.
IEEE Honorary Membership
内海 善雄
For leadership in policy and initiatives leading to the growth of information and communication technologies.