IEEE 日本支部


IEEE Medals
IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal
板倉 文忠
For pioneering contributions to narrow-band speech coding.


IEEE Technical Field Awards
IEEE Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology Award
塚田 裕
(京セラ SLCテクノロジー)
For pioneering contributions in micro-via technology for printed circuit boards, and for extending the feasibility of the direct flip-chip attachment process.
IEEE Frederik Philips Award
小宮 啓義
For leadership in R&D and driving international cooporation leading to the next generation of silicon wafers.
IEEE Robotics & Automation Award
稲葉 清右衛門
For long-standing leadership and technical contributions to the development of Normal Control machines, industrial robots, and flexible factory automation.


IEEE Recognitions
IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognitions
NTTドコモ For innovations in the planning,development,and deployment of i-mode an international leader in mobile Internet service.