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IEEE Japan Council Student Activities Award 2022

対象者(Presented to)

IEEE Japan Council内のStudent Branch (JC SB)所属のIEEE学生会員(An IEEE Japan Council student branch member)


2022年の特に優れたIEEE JC SBでの活動及びボランティア(For outstanding SB activities and volunteer service to the IEEE in 2022)


表彰状及び賞金5000円(またはギフトカード)(The award consists of a certificate of commendation and honorarium(5000yen) (or gift card))

推薦締切(Nomination deadline)

2023年2月17日(金)(17 Feb. 2023)

推薦資格(Recommender Credentials)

IEEE JC SBカウンセラー 2022/2023、JC理事 2022/2023(支部長を含む)、支部SAC 2022/2023(IEEE JC SB Counselor, IEEE JC Committee member (incl. Section Chair), and IEEE JC Section SAC member)


IEEE JC学生活動賞審査では、IEEE JC SBでの活動及びボランティア貢献について評価を行います。IEEEでの学生の技術的活動(論文発表等)については今回は評価の対象外となりますのでご注意ください。(In the evaluation process for the IEEE JC Student Activities Award, technical activities in IEEE societies will not be eligible for the award. Only volunteer contributions related to JC SB are considered. The selection committee will also consider the quality of the nomination.)

審査員(examination committee)

Japan Council Student Activities Committee: 小澤佑介(SAC Chair, 茨城大), 佐藤正知(SAC Vice Chair, 鹿児島高専), 西宮康治朗(SAC Secretary, 青山学院大), 大野光平(SAC Past-chair, 明治大)
Japan Council Industry Promotion Committee: 原崎秀信(IPC Chair, NEC), 釣谷剛宏(IPC Vice Chair, KDDI総合研究所)


通常、2月にIEEE JC-SAC/IEEE JC-IPC内で選考を行い、受賞者とその推薦者に通知します。また、不採択となった候補者の推薦者にも状況をお知らせします。(Recipients are typically approved during the February IEEE JC-SAC/JC-IPC meeting. Recipients and their nominators will be notified following the meeting. Subsequently, the nominators of unsuccessful candidates will be notified of the status of their nominations.)

表彰式(Award ceremony)

IEEE JC-SACのWebページ及びIEEE JC-SACの関連イベントにて表彰を行います(At the IEEE JC-SAC Web page and related events of the IEEE JC-SAC)

応募フォーム(Application form)

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IEEE Japan Council Outstanding Student Branch Counselor Award 2022