IEEE Tokyo Section

No. 116

[JAN 24, 2019]

Message from the New Tokyo Section Chair
2019-2020 Tokyo Section Chair
Hideyuki TOKUDA (President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)


I am Hideyuki Tokuda, who became the Chair of the IEEE Tokyo Section for two years since January 2019 and would like to send you a short message in this Tokyo Bulletin.  I would like to work together with you to make Tokyo Section activities more active and valuable. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the former Chair, Prof. Sasase, the Officers and Executive Committee Members of the Tokyo Section, and the members, who have made a great effort in the various activities of the Tokyo Section. Unlike domestic academic societies, IEEE covers a wide range of engineering in electrical and electronic fields, and conducts the various activities globally, including academic activities, standardization, publication, support for career development, and startup support. The Tokyo Section as well, we will continue to support the various activities of our members in a diverse and multifaceted manner.

As for my experience with IEEE, my first paper was published in IEEE Data Communications Symposium held in Quebec, Canada when I was a master student.   I have been involved innumerous IEEE conferences including IEEE Real Time Systems Symposium since my first job was research and development of Distributed Real-Time OS at the Computer Science Department in Carnegie Mellon University which was one of the ONR’s real-time computing initiative sites. In 1994, in cooperation with researchers from the United States and South Korea, we created the IEEE RTCSA (Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications) symposium, which was held mainly in Asia, and I worked as co-program chair and steering committee member. Through IEEE’s various academic activities, I have learned the importance of creating research community and the difficulty and joy of international joint projects with Europe, the United States, and Asian countries.

Looking at the current status of the Tokyo Section, despite a decline in members of many Japanese academic societies, there has been a very small decline in members of our section and we maintain about 8,000 members. Without staying in this state, we would like to endeavor to promote admission of students and female researchers and engineers and to allow more members to participate in various Tokyo Section’s activities. In addition, we would like to extend exchanges between senior members and students, support for milestone awards, collaboration with other domestic societies, and collaboration with new startups in Japan and abroad. We appreciate your support and encouragement so that our Tokyo Section will become a more beneficial organization.



Notice from IEEE Tokyo Section Office


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