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Tokyo Bulletin No.117 published.


Updeted: 2019 IEEE-Level Award in Japan(Japanese only)


Updeted: 2019 IEEE New Fellows in Japan


Updeted: 2019-2020 Standing Committee Members


Updeted: 2019-2020 Officers and Executive Committee Members


Congratulations! “2018 Outstanding Section Membership Recruitment Performance”


Tokyo Section receieved “2018 Outstanding Section Membership Recruitment Performance” .
Tokyo Section sincerely appreciates all members cooperation.

An excerpt from the letter

I am pleased to recognize the Tokyo Section for meeting its recruitment goal for the 2018 membership year. Congratulations!The membership development goals were developed based on your Section’s three year performance. You are to be commended for continuing to grow IEEE membership in the Tokyo Section.

Please feel free to share this with other leaders in your Section to recognize the good work you are doing, and to let your members know you are working hard to provide them the best member experience possible.

Regards,Takako Hashimoto (IEEE MGA MRRC Chair)

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