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Women in Engineering 2021


The Women in Engineering 2021 event will be held online on November 6, 2021.

To participate, please sign-up on the registration form by Nov. 1 (Mon.) Nov. 4 (Thu.) 15:00. Members and non-members are invited from anywhere on earth and we are looking forward to having you join us.

Women in Engineering 2021

Tokyo Shin-etsu WIE (Women in Engineering) invites women who are active in the field of engineering to introduce the technological developments and R&D required today and to share insight on the future of technology to be opened up by women and together we will consider what kinds of technology we can and should work on in the future.


November 6, 2021 (Sat.) 15:00~17:30 JST


Online (Zoom)


15:00-15:15 Opening words

15:15-16:00 Keynote lecture

Hanako Noda(Executive Officer, CTO, General Manager of Technical Division, Anritsu Corporation)

『What I am today will help me tomorrow! Grab your own career.』

I have had a number of blessings in my life and am grateful for the continuous support from my family and community.
I believe that I have been able to turn setbacks around by thinking positively.
I would like to share my personal journey, through events such as childbirth and setbacks, and professional journey including the development of technologies that I have been involved with.


16:00-16:45 Invited technical lecture

Shiori Idaka (Head of European Research Co-operation Centre (ERC), Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.)

『What is power module “package”?: Bridging Devices and Applications』

Efforts toward a decarbonized society are accelerating around the world.
Particularly In Europe, to achieve the goals of the Green Deal, it is essential to further increase the efficiency of power conversion based on the principle of Energy Efficient First, and expectations are being placed on power electronics technology.
Power devices, which form the core of power electronics technology, have made remarkable progress in response to these current trends.
In order to achieve even higher efficiency, there is growing interest in power modules that bring out the performance of power devices and improve usability.
In this article, we will focus on the latest trends in packaging technology, which is attracting attention as a differentiating factor in module development.


16:45-17:30 Group discussion

17:30-17:35 Closing address

Participation fee



Please register from the form below. IEEE members and non-members from anywhere on earth are welcome to participate.
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Registration deadline

Nov. 1, 2021 (Mon.) Nov. 4, 2021 (Thu.) 15:00 (extended!)


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IEEE Tokyo/Shin-etsu Joint Section WIE
International Women’s Day Online Coffee-break


March 8th is International Women’s Day.

To commemorate this day, friends and members of IEEE Tokyo/Shin-etsu WIE gathered for an online “One Cup of Coffee” event on March 8, 2021 (Mon.) on the Zoom platform.



International Women in Engineering Day
Commemoration Online Coffee-break


June 23rd is International Women in Engineering Day!🎉🎂👏

Friends and members of IEEE Tokyo/Shin-etsu WIE gathered for another online “One Cup of Coffee” and lunch session on June 25, 2021 (Fri.) 12:00 to commemorate.


The 16th Engineer Spotlight 「大学進学とジェンダー」(Speaker: Prof. Ginko Kawano, Yamagata University)

(with support from Tokyo/Shin-etsu Joint Section WIE)