IEEE 東京支部

2019年 新Fellow授賞式と懇親会[Bulletin117号]



産業技術総合研究所   吉田 英一 様/Dr. Eiichi YOSHIDA
[Citation: for leadership in the development of modular reconfigurable robotic systems]



北里大学   伊藤 弘 様/Prof. Hiroshi ITO
[Citation: for contributions to high-speed photodiodes for millimeter and terahertz wave generation]



NEC   多田 宗弘 様/Dr. Munehiro TADA
[Citation: for contributions to copper interconnects for very-large-scale integration]



NTT   高村 誠之 様/Dr. Seishi TAKAMURA
[Citation: for application of video coding]



 法政大学   劉 少英 様/Prof. Shaoying Liu
[Citation: for contributions to the design of Structured Object-Oriented Formal Language]