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[January 23, 2015]

Message from new Section Chair 2015-2016
Kazuo Hagimoto, (President & CEO of NTT Electronics)

A happy new year! Kazuo Hagimoto, myself, is following Prof. Tsuda and will serve for 2 years from January, 2015 as the chair of IEEE Tokyo section. I wish to make effort to lend support for improving the value of all the members’ activities. Your instruction and cooperation will be appreciated. IEEE, as its name suggests, covers various fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is concerned with academic activity, standardization and supporting business development. As a member of Tokyo section, I would like to provide positive support for every member’s activities. I myself have been in IEEE since over 30 years ago, and have had much relationship with IEEE, including research and development and business in foreign countries, as well as the activities in Tokyo. Our predecessors who have had closer relationships with the foreign countries now play important roles as LMAG members in its Tokyo branch. The young members have formed their community and they are actively working. Observing the members of different generations mutually cooperate, I’d like to do my best for uniting their endeavors to make the power which raises the value of the members’ activities in Tokyo and Japan. Fortunately, thanks to the effort of Prof. Tsuda, we will be able to hold Metro area workshop (MAW) in May, this year. This is different from usual academic activities. It aims to improve the activity abilities as the specialist and practitioner. As is clear from international conferences, each individual demonstrates his or her academic activities. Japanese business engineers, on the other hand, mainly work as team members in the business activities. In the highly-professional field, however, a specialist or practitioner is asked for individual judgment. It might be required for specialist appropriate judgments on standardization and even business technological judgment beyond organization. In this workshop, I expect that members will be able to take the first step for understanding the importance of de facto standard and the skills for global root binding. Open collaboration has been increasingly advocated. I can’t help but think that the important judgment often seems to be made by limited members in a closed community. As Tokyo section, I would like to firstly promote MAW and provide opportunities to enhance your activities and possibility for receiving a Fellow grade and toward Milestone Prize. I also encourage communication between younger members and experienced members through specialist interaction. It will be a “step by step” collaborated work, and I would like to ask for your continuous support and guidance. Thank you very much for your supports.

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