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[June 30, 2015]

IEEE Metro Area Workshop in Tokyo,2015

IEEE Metro Area Workshop in Tokyo was held on May 15 – 16, 2015,on Nishi-Waseda Campus, Waseda University, Tokyo, organized by IEEE Tokyo Section.
This workshop provides an opportunity to motivate young professionals including working engineers and students who will become leaders of Japanese and/or global technology area in near future.
The total number of participants over 2 days was nearly 200,and more than one third of them were the ages of 20s.


2015 Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop

IEEE Japan Council Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop (SBLTW) was held at Nishi-Waseda Campus of Waseda University from Friday May 15 to Saturday May 16 in 2015. Out of 26 Student Branches (SB) under Japan Council, 39 delegates from 19 branches participated in this workshop. There were 45 participants in total including IEEE Japan Council Student Activity Committee (JC SAC) members and Student Branch Counselors.

The Waseda University Student Branch Chair took the MC role and the workshop started at 15:30 on May 15. First of all JC SAC members were introduced and then Prof. Hidenori Nakazato, JC SAC Chair lectured about IEEE organization and its student activities. Also, Howard Michel, IEEE President, gave a talk for Student Branch leaders. We took group photos with Howard and then a poster session in which SB activity ideas were exchanged among SBs was held. At the end of the day, we had a banquet which is held in conjunction with the collocated Tokyo Section Metro Area Workshop (MAW) to give SB leaders opportunity to socialize with the participants of MAW as well as other SB leaders. Plaques to celebrate 10-year anniversary were presented to Nara Institute of Science and Technology SB, Tokyo City University SB, Nagoya University SB and Tokyo Denki University SB by Howard Michel,IEEE President.

SBLTW participants joined IEEE Authorship Workshop collocated with SBLTW in the morning of May 16 and learned hints in writing technical papers. Then, they  participated the Career-Up Workshop organized by Tokyo Section Young Professionals Affinity Group and Japan Council WIE Affinity Group. They had opportunity to extend their human network in the workshop. SBLTW was concluded around 17:30.

IEEE Milestone Dedication Ceremony and Commemorative Lecture of Tokyo Section

(from the left of the front row) Prof. J. Roberto Marca (IEEE Past President),
Mr. Hiroo Unoura, President & CEO, NTT, Mitsuyoshi Shibata, President, Furukawa Electric Co., Masayoshi Matsumoto, President, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and Yoichi Nagahama, President & CEO, Fujikura Ltd, at IEEE Milestone Dedication Ceremony

●Dedication Ceremony

Dedication ceremony of IEEE Milestone for Vapor-phase Axial Deposition Method for Mass Production of High-quality Optical Fiber, was held on May 21st, 2015, at Palace Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. It was approved as an IEEE Milestone on Nov. 24th, 2014. IEEE Tokyo Section hosted the Dedication Ceremony for the Plaque of IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing. In this ceremony, Dr. Kazuo Hagimoto, Chair, IEEE Tokyo Section, gave an address. Prof. Roberto de Marca, Past President, IEEE, presented commemorative plaque to Mr. Hiroo Unoura, President & CEO, NTT, Mitsuyoshi Shibata, President, Furukawa Electric Co., Masayoshi Matsumoto, President, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and Yoichi Nagahama, President & CEO, Fujikura Ltd.

●Commemorative Lecture

After the dedication ceremony and the celebration lunch party, the lecture session entitled “IEEE Milestone Memorial Lecture” was held at Palace Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan with 130 participants. At the beginning, Prof. Isao Shirakawa, IEEE Japan Council History Committee Chair, gave an introductory talk on IEEE Milestone. Second lecture entitled “Development of VAD method” was presented by Dr. Tatsuo Izawa, Head Director, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology. The last lecture entitled “Practical use of VAD method” was presented by Mr. Shigeru Tanaka, Senior Managing Director, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. The titles of the invited lecturers are listed below.
Title Lecuture
IEEE Milestone Prof. Isao Shirakawa
(IEEE Japan Council History Committee, Chair)
Development of VAD method Dr. Tatsuo Izawa
(Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Head Director)
Practical use of VAD method Dr. Shigeru Tanaka
(Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, Senior Managing Director)


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