IEEE Tokyo Section

Idea implementation contest


(You can change the world! Idea implementation contest)


Takashi Yoshida, IEEE Tokyo Young Professionals Chair


Hello everyone,

We at IEEE Tokyo Young Professionals (YP) affinity group are elated to bring to you one of the biggest technical extravaganza of the year, “You can change the world! Idea implementation contest”: Conception to Prototyping.

The event will be one of its kind where you will have the opportunity to get your friends on board with you, unleash your creative instincts, design skills and coding talents together to solve a critical social problem.


Conceive an idea and develop a working prototype that solves a critical social problem.
Both software and hardware prototypes are acceptable.

Anyone, both IEEE members and non-members, can apply.
Individual or Team participation are welcome.

3.How to apply?:
To apply, please send the following information to the email  a. address provided below.
   (i) Team member names
   (ii) Affiliation (Arbitrarily)
   (iii) Social issue that you wish to solve
   (iv) Project description (preliminary description of the idea)
     Please attach visual descriptions such as photos, videos, or an application software itself.
     You can choose the best way to explain your idea.
   (v) How effectively does the proposed idea solve the social issue?
 b. Language: Japanese or English
 c. Application deadline: June 30, 2020 -> July 8, 2020, 23:59 (JST)
 d. Send your application to:

 a.Schedule: Saturday, Nov. 27 (tentative)
 b.Presentation format: Online
(Further details will be sent to the applicants on a later date.)


5.Judgement criteria and award:
Outstanding projects will be rewarded at IEEE event.
Projects will be judged based on the following criteria.
 a.Novelty of the proposal
 b.Design quality
 c.Impact of the idea in solving the social issue
   (Is it possible to be realized in practice, environmental and human rights consideration, ease of use etc.)


For any inquiry, just drop an email to

Japan Council Student Activity Committee (SAC), Tokyo SAC.
Hurry up, call up your friends, apply now and showcase your cool ideas! Join us in the celebration of spirit of creativity and gain recognition.