IEEE Tokyo Bulletin no34.(English)
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No.34(December 13, 2006)
Publications Committee Chair Ryosuke Hata

Year 2006 Second Meeting of Chapter Operations Committee

The Second Meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Chapter Operations Committee of 2006 was held on November 6 (Mon.) from 2:00p.m at Aogakukaikan, Tokyo. The Forty-three members were participated. The 2006 activities of the Japan Council were presented by the Secretary. The 2006 activities of the Chapter Operations Committee were reported by the Chair. The number of assistance projects using the chapter assistance fund was 51. The Circuits and Systems Society Shikoku Chapter was established on July 2006. The activities from June to October 2006 were also reported by each chapter.

IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop 2006

2006 Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop was held at Nagoya University on November 18th, 2006. 56 members, including 45 students from 17 Colleges which have each Student Branch, 3 student from Meiji University and Tokushima University which are now preparing to set up their Student Branches, 6 faculty members, and 2 members from IEEE Japan Council, were participated. The Workshop came off quite meaningful because the major emphasis was placed on the student's independence. Actually all the plan and practice of this Workshop were done by the Student Branch of Nagoya University.

In the morning session, all the participants introduced themselves and each Student Branch reported their original activities. (These presentations can be seen on the HP of IEEE Japan Council Student Activities.) In the afternoon session, the invited trainer, Professor Nishihara of Tokyo Institute of Technology, who has served as a trainer for 11 years, gave exercise to the students. The theme of the training was "How can the conferences be significant." After the sufficient discussions, student made presentations and summed up the training.

Get-together party was subsequently held. The Branch-flag was presented to a new comer Tokyo-Denki University Branch, which was set up in November, 2005. Finally students tossed in the air with each other. It was really a big party.

Marker Report of 2006 Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop in Nagoya University (in japanese)

Marker Reported by Tokyo Denki University stundent branch (in jananese)

Year 2006 Third Meeting of Japan Council Commitee

Year 2006 Third Meeting of Japan Council Committee was held at held on December 4 (Fri.) from 3:00pm at Aogakukaikan, Tokyo.

Marker Minutes of Japan Council Committee (draft) (Japanese Only)

2007 New Fellows

IEEE head office announced the 2007 new Fellow promotions. 12 people from the Tokyo Section and 18 people nationally were promoted. I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to those who received promotions.

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