New Fellows

Last Updated December 5, 2006
No. Section Name Professional Affiliation Citation
1 Tokyo Akira Chiba Tokyo University of Science For contributions to bearingless AC motor drives
2 Tokyo Kazumasa Enami National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT) For contributions to content production technology in broadcasting
3 Tokyo Yoshio Itaya Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. For contributions to high performance long-wavelength semiconductor lasers for optical communications
4 Tokyo Hideto Iwaoka Kanazawa Institute of Technology For leadership in developing optical devices and optical microelectro mechanical systems for sensing and measuring instruments
5 Tokyo Takayuki Kawahara Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd. For contributions to low-voltage low-power random access memory circuits
6 Tokyo Katsumi Midorikawa RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) For contributions to generation of intense coherent soft x-ray radiation
7 Hiroshima Katsumi Midorikawa Hiroshima University For contributions to nanoscale metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor compact modeling
8 Kansai Shinji Odanaka Osaka University For contributions to numerical modeling and simulation of scaled complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit processes and devices
9 Tokyo Hiroyo Ogawa National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT) For contributions to microwave and millimeter-wave technology
10 Kansai Hideaki Sakai Kyoto University For contributions to statistical and adaptive signal processing
11 Kansai Seiichi Sampei Osaka University For contributions to the development of fading compensation and adaptive modulation techniques for wireless communication systems
12 Kansai Kiyohiro Shikano Nara Institute of Science and Technology For contributions to speech recognition, dialog systems, voice conversion, and acoustic field realization
13 Tokyo Shigeki Sugano Waseda University For contributions to design, control and system integration of human symbiotic robots
14 Kansai Toshiharu Sugie Kyoto University For contributions to tracking control and its application to mechanical systems
15 Tokyo Masamitsu Tokuda Musashi Institute of Technology For leadership in development and international standardization of electromagnetic compatibility for telecommunication systems
16 Tokyo Tamaki Ura University of Tokyo For contributions to autonomous underwater vehicle technologies
17 Tokyo Hiroshi Yamada Toshiba Corporation For contributions to packaging technology of integrated circuits
18 Tokyo Masakazu Yamashina NEC Electronics Corporation For leadership in high performance microprocessor circuits
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