JSTQE on Programmable Photonics

Submission Deadline: December 1 (Sun), 2019
Hard Copy Publication: September/October 2020
Call for Papers (Jump to IEEE Photonics Society Web Page)

The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE) invites manuscript submissions in the area of Programmable Photonics (PP) featuring state-of-the-art reconfigurable optical devices: Programmable photonic circuits, Integrated microwave photonic circuits, Phase-change photonic devices, Optomechanically tunable components, Low-temperature programmable optics, Reconfigurable electro-optical devices, Heterogeneous integration with active materials, Tunable quantum photonic systems, Adaptive 2D-3D photonic components, All-optical programmable photonic circuits, Erasable integrated optic components, Programmable photonics for quantum technologies, Reconfigurable metasurfaces, Thermo-optic devices and materials, Piezoelectric tunable devices, Acousto-optic tunable devices, Reconfigurable waveguide arrays, Multipurpose optical circuits, Field-programmable photonic devices, Microwave and optical oscillators, Machine learning photonics, Training of photonic neural network, Wavefront shaping, Programmable multimode devices, Energy efficient tunable devices, Large-scale photonic circuits, MEMS-based tunable circuits, Topological photonics.
Related topics not included in the list above are also welcomed.

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