JSTQE on High Density Integrated Multipurpose Photonic Circuits

Submission Deadline: February 1 (Tue), 2022
Hard Copy Publication: November/December, 2022
Call for Papers

The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE) invites manuscript submissions in High Density Integrated Multipurpose Photonic Circuits. The emerging field of programmable photonics is one of the fastest growing fields in photonics with applications including optical signal processing, computing and quantum photonics. The growing maturity of integrated photonic technology makes it possible to build increasingly large and complex photonic circuits on the surface of a chip, enabling a generation of photonic circuits that can be programmed using software for a wide variety of functions. Within this framework, the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics invites manuscript submissions in the area of integrated programmable photonics. The purpose of this issue of JSTQE is to highlight the recent progress and trends in developing leading-edge large-scale integrated optics technologies. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):
Novel reconfigurable circuit and system architectures focused on high-performance and scalable circuits.
・ Large-scale feedfoward waveguide mesh arrangements and their applications.
・ Large-scale general-purpose waveguide meshes and their applications / Field Programmable Photonic Gate Arrays.
・ Reconfigurable photonic integrated circuits and their applications (Coupled resonators, Reconfigurable multiplexer, optical switches…)
・ Reconfigurable systems enabling mode, polarization, and wavelength multiplexing.
・ Large-scale photonic integrated circuit packaging for dense electrical and optical interconnections.
Advanced component design focused on large-scale integration: monitoring, phase actuators and fault tolerant components.
・ Alternative phase tuning mechanisms.
・ Phase change materials.
・ Novel design, fabrication and packaging techniques for scalable building blocks.
Advanced programming and control routines.
・ Complex circuit modelling.
・ System reconfiguration and stabilization algorithms.
・ Control system architectures

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