JSTQE on Advanced Photonic Modulation: Devices, Systems & Techniques

Submission Deadline: August 1 (Sat), 2020
Hard Copy Publication: May/June 2021
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The IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE) invites manuscript submissions in the area of Advanced Photonic Modulation: Devices, Systems & Techniques. Electro-refraction and electro-absorption light modulation – induced e.g. by carrier dispersion, the Pockels, or Quantum Confined Stark Effect – are at the forefront of modern photonic circuits. Optical modulators are central to most photonic applications including optical telecommunications, Datacom, quantum information processing, deep learning, Lidars, to name just a few. Device specifications required for advanced modulation systems are increasingly difficult to achieve and some strategies such as hybrid integration have been developed to further extend their performance. Alternatively, modulation formats have also been adapted to increase data rates given state-of-the-art component and system characteristics. This special issue focuses on the recent progress of advanced photonic modulation from devices to systems. Topics include
・ Optical modulation in silicon photonics platforms (plasma dispersion effect, electro-absorption in Ge-based materials)
・ Physical effects for light modulation (Pockels, Kerr, carrier dispersion, Quantum Confined Stark, Franz-Keldysh effects)
・ Ferroelectric materials for optical modulation (BTO, LiNO3….)
・ Doped polymers for ultra-high-speed integrated modulation
・ Hybrid integration for light modulation
・ Strained silicon photonics for Pockels effect.
・ Pure phase integrated modulators
・ Advanced modulator architectures such as resonant or slow wave
・ Advanced technology for electro-optical effects
The scope of the special issue also encompasses system and integration related topics such as
・ Complex modulation formats.
・ Optical transceivers for next generation of high-speed circuits
・ New light modulation paradigms
・ Integration with drive circuitry
・ Multiphysics modeling applied to optical modulation

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