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No.35 (December 27, 2006)
Publications Committee Chair Ryosuke Hata

Greetings to all - At the end of my term -
Fumio HARASHIMA, Tokyo Section Chair

We have been working as the committee for the Tokyo Section since January 2005, and our term will end at the end of this December of this year and a new committee will take over starting in January, 2007. The new Section Chair is Dr. Toshiharu Aoki, NTT Data Corp.

At this time, I would like to look back on this two year term. At the end of 2004, the number of members was 7,471. This increased to 7,708 at the end of 2005 and increased to 8,167 at the end of 2006. We think this was acceptable, considering the recent decrease of membership in the other academic societies in the engineering areas.
We are very happy in that many Japanese members have received IEEE major awards during the last two years. In 2005, Fumitada Itakura was awarded   IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal, and Docomo Corp. received   IEEE Corporate Innovation Recognitions. In 2006,  IEEE Founders Medal Founders Medal was given to Toshiharu Aoki, and  IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal was given to Shoichiro Yoshida. Also   Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal was given to Hideo Kakunami, mitumasa Koyanagi and kiyoo Itoh. Many other Japanese members have been awarded IEEE-related awards. Also twenty-seven members were upgraded to IEEE Fellow grade in 2006, and eighteen members are selected as IEEE Fellows for the year 2007.

50th Anniversary Ceremony of the IEEE Tokyo Section was held in Palace Hotel Tokyo on March 1, 2006. More than 100participants, including Dr. Michael R. Lightner, 2006 President of the IEEE, other guests from the Headquarter of the IEEE, guests from national academic societies, current and successive board members and trustees of the Tokyo Section and Japan Council, came into the Ceremony.

Each standing committee of Tokyo Section worked actively. Among their activities, it is notable that the agreement of collaboration between Seoul Section and Tokyo section has been established. We expect a fruitful cooperation between these two sections in the future. Now, I would like to thank Ryousuke Hata, Section Vice President, Hideki Hayashi, Section Secretary, Hideki Hashimoto, Section Treasurer and all members of the section committee. Also, I would like to extend my special thank to Administrative agent of Sumitomo Electric Corp. and Ms. Hiroe Kobayashi of Sumitomo Electric Corp. for their dedicated efforts for Tokyo Section. I also would like to thank the secretariat for undertaking an unusually heavy work load. Finally, I would like to extend my very best wishes for the health of all of Tokyo Section members.

The 3rd IEEE Young Researchers Workshop

The 3rd IEEE Young Researchers Workshop was held at Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology from 1:30pm on December 11(Mon). Every year young researchers from different overseas and Japanese universities attend a meeting in Tokyo. It is the 3rd time to be held. Interesting and important discussions about topics of mutual interest, with colleagues and with important personalities from the companies take place in this workshop, providing a very suitable forum and good avenue for students to gather and share experiences. Theme in this year is "Innovation created by your own research -Be pioneer for the novel markets-". Following a total of 106 posters session contest which was held by students, lots of discussions were held by 4 panelists under the theme of " The strength and weakness of young researchers -for the next generation technology-" at the Digital Multipurpose.Discussion was proceeded with reflecting participants' opinions by totalizer system which audience could show their opinions by using their mobile phones during the session.

IEEE Tokyo Young Researchers Workshop First Prize which was voted by all the participants, Awards for presenters from Sponsors and Award for voters were announced at the social gathering which was held after Panel Session. The members of the committee from Tokyo Institute of Technology introduced themselves at the end of the party, and closing speech was made by Prof. Akinori Nishihara,IEEE Tokyo Institute of Technology student branch counselor. It was really warm up party.

Marker Please refer to IEEE Tokyo Institute of Technology student branch's web site for details.

Year 2006 Forth Meeting of IEEE Tokyo Section Executive Committee

Year 2006 Forth Meeting of IEEE Tokyo Section Executive Committee was held at held on December 15 (Fri.) from 3:00pm at Aogakukaikan, Tokyo.

Marker Minutes of Executive Committee (draft) (Japanese Only)

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