> EssayContest2011E

 The 3nd IEEE Career Development Essay Contest for Young Professionals and
 Women Engineers (Organized by IEEE Tokyo GOLD Affinity Group and IEEE Japan
 Council WIE Affinity Group)

 IEEE Tokyo GOLD (Graduates of Last Decade) and IEEE Japan Council WIE
 (Women in Engineering) organize gThe 3nd Career Development Essay Contesth.
 This contest targets young professional members including students and
 women engineer members.
 The contestfs purpose is to raise awareness on young professional member's
 future paths and relevant skills and to share the experiences.
 You can think yourself about ghow to shape my career?h, ghow to get a
 dream?h, ghow to enjoy your life as a young professional engineer?h, or
 gWhat is benefit of IEEE activities for development of your skill or
 career?h etc.
 Please express your experience and thinking about career planning for


 1. Theme:
 Please select one theme from the followings and express your vision for
 career developments.
 What kind of skill and experience do you think is needed for career
 development in your life?
 Please express your vision for the future of your life, including examples
 of activities or experience to engage in.
 Essays may be submitted by anyone.

 a). What's ideal vision for future engineer?
 b). What's important skill  on activity as a member of society?
 c). What's important skill on working abroad?
 d). How to contribute to society
 e). Research activities for currently and future
 f). Career development as an engineer
 g). What is benefit of IEEE activities?
 h). What do you think about gcareer developmenth, gskill planningh, or
 gdream come trueh?

 2. Deadline:
 Entries must be received by 14 October, 2011

 3. Format:
 Essay must be 1 page (A4 sheet) in English or Japanese with "the application
 form: MS Word (after 2007)CMS Word (before 2003)".

 4. Submission:
 The application form may be submitted to yasuharu [at] mail.dendai.ac.jp by
 The application form should include the following information.
 (1) your name
 (2) affiliation
 (3) e-mail address
 (4) IEEE membership No. (if you are IEEE member)
 (5) essay title (English only)
 (6) essay article (English or Japanese)
 If you don't receive an acknowledgement within 2 days, please resend to "
 yasuharu [at] mail.dendai.ac.jp".

 5. Qualification:
 Essays must be original and unpublished. Essays must be written by one
 There is no limitation in qualification for submission, for example, age,
 IEEE membership, etc.
 The essay contest winner should become IEEE member before ceremony of
 awarding an honor.

 6. Criteria for selection:
 The criteria of the contest may be focused on raising awareness of view on
 young professional member's future path and relevant skills.

 7. Award:
 The following awards will be given:
 1st Prize: Certificate and prize of 30,000 Japanese Yen
 2nd Prizes (Three categories: GOLD, WIE, Undergraduate): Certificate and
 prize of 10,000 Japanese Yen

 All prize winners will be invited to the 8th IEEE Young Researchers
 Workshop (http://young-researchers.net) in Tsukuba on 30 November, 2011.
 Travel expenses will not be covered.
 The winner may be required to be IEEE member until the celebration event.
 The winners will be announced in 31 October, 2011.

 The winnerfs essay will be released on the IEEE Tokyo GOLD Affinity Group
 Website (http://www.ieee-jp.org/tokyogold/).

 8. Contact:
 If you have any questions, please contact yasuharu [at] mail.dendai.ac.jp
 (Yasuharu Ohgoe, IEEE Tokyo GOLD Affinity Group Chair).
 Tel: +81(0)-49-296-5921

 9. Tokyo GOLD and WIE Japan activities: