> EssayContest2010Result

1st Prize (最優秀賞)

Title: 夢を実現する途中、これまでの足跡 − エンジニア、研究者、アーティスト [PDF]
Author: 高橋亜希子
Affiliation: 京都大学大学院

2nd Prize (優秀賞)

Title: 女性エンジニアとしてのキャリア構築 ―キャリアの原点は「誠実」― [PDF]
Author: 花川典子
Affiliation: 阪南大学

Title: Are You Ready to Change The World? [PDF]
Author: Nur Hasanah
Affiliation: Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba
講評:This essay is well written, the language, style of writing and the composition is nice, comfortable and interesting to read. This essay is also written logically and convincing. The author has a positive attitude for career development.

Title: Matters of the Heart [PDF]
Author: Marie Engelene J. Obien
Affiliation: Nara Institute of Science and Technology
講評:This essay is good content wise and well written. The author described how she achieves her current career by following her heart. It is quite impressing to hear that she could make the decision solely on her feeling and achieve it with passion.

Under Graduate Award (学部生賞)

Title: 私の描く理想の技術者像 [PDF]
Author: 島野大雅
Affiliation: 東京都市大学