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No.79 (January 31, 2013)
IEEE Tokyo Section Publications Committee Chair  Kazuo Kyuma

Greetings to all - at the end of my term -
2013-2014 Tokyo Section Chair
Toshitaka TSUDA, (Professor of Waseda University)

A happy new year! I sincerely hope that this year will become a fruitful one for all the member of IEEE Tokyo section. This is Professor Toshitaka Tsuda, Waseda University, who is assigned to take a role of the IEEE Tokyo Section Chairman for the coming two years period. I will work hard with you to make the Tokyo section more active and more valuable for the members.

As for the present status of the section, we achieved about 130 membership increase, totaling around 8,000 members. Taking into account the circumstance that many national engineer institutes and societies are suffering from the decrease of members, we can say that our section made a healthy growth which I appreciate. We had 11 Tokyo section planned seminars, which is almost twice as much as the average year. For the young members GOLD meeting were held, and LMAG meetings and newsletter publications for senior members were also carried out. Through these activities, I hope the section could provide the useful spaces to members of wide generation, even it is not yet sufficient. The section owes these performances to the members and the management committee members of the preceding period. I think that providing useful and attracting space that many members will gather together and exchange views and information is one of the key missions of the section, and with the collaboration of section members, I will promote the activities and contribute to the revitalization of Japanese industry.

During the term of office, the budgetary problem and the preparation of accepting some Japan Chapters are the big issues the Tokyo section should tackle with. Regarding to the budgetary issue, Japan council is suffering from the shortage of budget due to the long lasting strong Yenfs exchange rate. High activities were maintained by supplementing the shortage from the past savings, but the remaining becomes small. Even the strong Yenfs exchange rate trend started changing from the late last year and the situation will slightly move to the preferable direction, it is the time for the Japan council and the Tokyo section to reconsider the planning strategy. Based on the situation, the activity plan of the section is made to balance the income and the expenditure for this year. This, however, may shrink the activities. We should find out the method and strategy to enhance the activity with the help of your intelligence. Regarding to accepting Japan Chapters, the study is going on for transfering Japan Chapters currently belong to the Japan council to the appropriate sections. Tokyo section will accept some of the Chapters, therefore must start preparation to help expanding the Chaptersf activity. Fortunately, we already have the committee dedicated to the Chaptersf issue, and we can rely on this committee to make a good preparation.

There exist other issues such as the section membersf promotion to higher level member ship which is decreasing in number these days, expanding the interests on the science and technology among younger generations prior to enter universities, and strengthening the relationship with other academic institutes to expand the activities.

Two years are too short to solve all these issues, but I will try to find answers to some of them with the help and supports of you.

Finally, I would like to conclude my message with my sincere request of your kind collaboration to make the Tokyo section more useful and attractive for you.

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