IEEE Tokyo Bulletin No.75(English)
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No.75(August 31, 2012)
Publications Committee Chair Hirohisa Gambe

Announcement of the Candidates for Tokyo Section Officers and Executive Committee Members for Year 2013/2014

In accordance with the Tokyo Section Bylaws, we announce the candidacy of the following people for the Tokyo Section Officers and Executive Committee members nominated. They were nominated and approved at the regular meeting of the 2012 Second Executive Committee of IEEE Tokyo Section.
If you would like to nominate someone other than those listed below, please submit your nomination along with the signatures of more than 2% of Members to the Tokyo Section Office by Sunday, September 30th.
In case there are additional candidate(s) nominated through the above-mentioned process, the ballots will be mailed to all the voting members by Wednesday, October 31st, and these are to be returned by Friday, November 30th. New officers and Executive Committee members will then be determined based on the voting result.

Candidates for Officers
Chair Toshitaka Tsuda Professor, Global Information and Telecommunication Institute,
Waseda University
Vice Chair Kazuo Kyuma Senior Corporate Adviser,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Secretary Isamu Chiba General Manager, Information Technology R&D Center,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Treasurer Seichi Takamura Senior Research Engineer,
NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories

Candidates for Members of Executive Committee (Standing Committee Chairs)
Chapter Promotion Hiroki Fujishiro Professor, Department of Applied Electronics,
Tokyo University of Science
Fellow Nominations Kazuo Hagimoto Executive Director,
NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Membership Development Takayuki Hirasawa Chief Researcher, Superconductor Business Development Dept., New Business Development Center,
Fujikura Ltd.
Nominations Toshihiko Baba Professor, Faculty of Engineering Division of Intelligent Systems Engineering,
Yokohama National University
Technical Program Shoki Hiroki Chief Research Scienist, Corporate Research & Development Center, Wireless System Laboratory,
Publications Kazuo Kyuma Senior Corporate Adviser,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Student Activities Hiromasa Habuchi Professor,
Ibaraki University

+Nomination is to be submitted to:
IEEE Tokyo Section Office
517, The Kikai Shinko Kaikan building,
3-5-8, Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Email :

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