ieeelogo bulletin
No.63 (December 31, 2010)
IEEE Tokyo Section Publications Committee Chair  Junzo Kawakami

Greetings to all - at the end of my term -
Hideki IMAI, 2009-2010 Tokyo Section Chair

We have been working as committees of the Tokyo Section since January 2009. Our term has ended in December 2010 and new committees take over, starting in January 2011. I would like to express many thanks for the support and cooperation from all the members of Tokyo Section during this term.
We had 7,630 members at the end of 2008, 7,814 members at the end of 2009, and 7,790 members in November, 2010. While the number of members in other academic societies in the engineering areas has been decreasing, IEEE Tokyo Section is continuing to increase the number of members, even by slight.
We had nine members upgraded to IEEE Fellow in 2009 and 2010. This number may not be considered very high. However, eleven members were upgraded in 2011. This is certain to be a continuous progress for the Tokyo Section. Three of the members, Dr.Yasuhiko Arakawa, Dr. Shojiro Asai, Dr. Tadashi Fukao, won The IEEE Awards in 2009. In 2010, the number of winners greatly increased to six, Dr. Sadaoki Furui, Dr. Hitoshi Watanabe, Dr. Akio Nakagawa, Dr. Shoichi Sasaki, Dr. Takayasu Sakurai and Dr. Hidehito Obayashi. As for the gIEEE Milestoneh, we had two approvals in 2009, gFerriteh and gTranspacific Reception of a Television signal via satelliteh. We would like to congratulate the winners, along with Toshiharu Aoki, former Tokyo Section Chair, Eiichi Ohno the IEEE History committee Chair, and many other members who contributed to these awards.
There is one specific event I must mention during this term, the IEEE 125th Anniversary event. The ceremonies were held at eight places in the world, Tokyo being the last place. Over two hundred members gathered, including John Vig, the IEEE Headquarter Chair and Yong-Jin Park, the IEEE R10 director. This event turned out to be very successful. Other than the Anniversary event, there are many opportunities for the IEEE VIP members to visit Tokyo Section. This gives us a good chance to interact, cope and have very active exchanges with the Headquarter as well. Along with the event, we held a technical seminar for Information on Technologies for the future. We also held eight other seminars during this term. We established LMAG(Life Member Affinity Group) , adding to gGOLDh which was constituted in the previous term, and held a General Assembly in October, 2010. LMAG has started its active operation with the Chair , Kohei Habara.
From the viewpoint of the quality and quantity of members, Tokyo Section is standing in a very important position. We believe that the contribution made by the members will also affect and help meet the needs and the improvements that have to be made for each of the Sections and IEEE.
I would like to thank Junzo Kawakami, Section Vice President, Makoto Hanawa, Section Secretary, Ryuji Kohno, Section Treasurer and all members of the section committee. I would also like to extend my special thanks to Administrative agent of Hitachi Corporation, together with Ms. Mutsumi Hayashi and Ms. Chihiro Nakajo from Hitachi Corporation for their dedicated efforts to Tokyo Section. I thank Ms. Eriko Shimabukuro and Ms. Makiko Kato, the secretariats for undertaking an unusually heavy workload.
The new section Chair, starting from January 2011, is Dr. Tomonori Aoyama, from Keio University. I sincerely hope that IEEE Tokyo Section will progress and evolve more towards the future.
Lastly, I would like to end with a word of appreciation, and very best wishes to all the Tokyo Section members.

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