IEEE Tokyo Bulletin no32.(English)
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No.32(August 22, 2006)
Publications Committee Chair Ryosuke Hata

Announcement of the Candidates for Tokyo Section Officers and Executive Committee Members for Year 2007/2008

In accordance with the Tokyo Section Bylaws, we announce the candidacy of the following people for the Tokyo Section Officers and Executive Committee members nominated. They were nominated and approved at the regular meeting of the Second Section Executive Committee.
If you would like to nominate someone other than those listed below, please submit your nomination along with the signatures of more than 2% of Members(154) to the Tokyo Section Office by September 30(Sat).
In case there are additional candidate(s) nominated through the above-mentioned process, the ballots will be mailed to all the voting members by October 31(Mon), and these are to be returned by November 30(Thu). New officers and Executive Committee members will then be determined based on the voting result.

Candidates for Tokyo Section Officers
Chair Toshiharu Aoki Counselor, NTT Data Corporation.
Vice Chair Ichiro Tai Director,Corporate Research and Development Center,
Toshiba Corporation.
Secretary Tsutomu Sugawara Chief Fellow,Corporate Research and Development Center,
Toshiba Corporation
Treasurer Hideki Hashimoto Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Science,
University of Tokyo

Candidates for Members of Executive Committee (Standing Committee Chairs)
Chapter Promotion Yukihiko Yamashita Associate Professor,School of Science and Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Fellow Nominations Masayuki Izutsu Distinguished Researcher,
National Institute of Information and
Communications Technology,
Membership Development Akihiko Yokoyama Professor, Deapartment of Electrical Engineering,
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Nominations Yoshinori Hatori Professor, Department of Information Processing
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Technical Program Minoru Etoh Deputy Managing Director,Research Labs, NTT DoCoMo
Publications Ichiro Tai Executive Officer Corporate Vice President,
Director Corporate Research and Development Center,
Toshiba Corporation
Student Activities Tetsuishi Ikegami Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication,
Meiji University

+Nomination is to be submitted to:
IEEE Tokyo Section Office
Nishi Shimbashi Kikaku Bldg. 8F
3-6-2 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Tel: 03-5776-7670 Fax:03-5401-3850
Email :

Year 2006 Second Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Executive Committee

Year 2006 Second Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Executive Committee was held at the conference room of Hokkaido University from 2pm on Friday July 28. The meeting was realized with strong support by the Hokkaido Section, also they introduced their several activities after the meeting.

Marker Minutes of Executive Committee (draft) (Japanese Only)

Marker View of Commitee

Next Meeting Scheduleè The Third meeting : Monday December 4 at Tokyo

Report of IEEE Region 10 Student Congress 2006

Region 10 Student Congress 2006 was held as follows;

uDate : July 13th (Thu) - 17th (Mon)
uPlace : Beijing in China

Representing the student branches of Tokyo Institute of Technology(2),Keio Univ(1),Kyoto Univ(1),Nagoya Univ(1), Kumamoto Univ(1), Osaka Univ(1),Ritsumeikan Univ(1),Kagawa Univ(1),University of Tokyo(1),Hokkaido Univ(1), Tokyo Denki Univ(1), participation from Japan counted 12. (from worldwide counted 100.)

JThe following are the comments obtained from attendees :

In R10SC 2006, hosts were Beijing Univ of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.,Peking Tsinghua Univ. The university where the conference was held is changed from day to day, and several events were held. The events were lectures by VIPs like IEEE President, workshops, rap sessions, activity reports by each student branch, and recreations like orienteering and sightseeing. At nights, the convivial dinner was held, and the "Culture Night" event where we enjoyed the music, dance and so on together was held. We had good interactions among many people and very meaningful experiences through these four days. Every participant has a great awareness of IEEE and IEEE Student Branch, and worked on this congress and the usual activity aggressively. Also, this congress was made up of not only the efforts of hosts but also the participation of many volunteers. I felt that Japanese students had better to emulate Chinese students' behaviors.

Marker Region 10 Student Congress 2006 Web Site

Marker View of the Congress

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