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No.24 (December 24, 2004)
Publications Committee Chair Hitomi Murakami

Greetings to all - At the end of my committee term
(Tokyo Section Chair Yasuhiko Yasuda)

  We have been working as a committee for the Tokyo Section since January 2003, and our term will end at the end of this December and a new committee will take over starting next year. At this time, I would like to look back on this two year term.
  First of all, at the end of 2002, the number of members was 7,299. This increased to 7,318 at the end of 2003 and slightly increased to 7,361 at the end of October 2004. We think this was acceptable, considering the condition of not being able to stop the decrease in the number of members for entire IEEE and for various institutes inside the country.
  Next, we had happy events such as member Sekimoto receiving the Medal of Honor, member Suematsu receiving the James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal, and member Iga receiving the IEEE Daniel E. Noble award, and for many of us to receive the title of Fellow. Also, in November, the worldfs first commercial quartz watch developed by the Seiko group was recognized as the fourth IEEE milestone in our country and the award ceremony was performed in Tokyo.
  Furthermore, each standing committee worked actively and we should pay special attention to one of our collaborative relationships, one with the Boston branch which we signed in the first half, and where we sent student representatives to Boston to deepen our relationship.
  Next, we planned to promote IT by establishing our own server and were able to accomplish this. On the other hand, our secretary and treasurer struggled with unusual operations resulting from issues such as processing after the bankruptcy of the building owner where our office was located, and the changing of the secretaries who had worked for many years.
  Now, I would like to thank the Murakami branch vice president, the Matsushima secretary, the Sezaki treasurer and all members of the committee. Also, I would like to extend a special thank you to Administrative agent of KDDI and Ms Chizuko Mochizuki of KDDI for their cooperation. I also would like to thank the secretariat for undertaking an unusually heavy workload. Finally, I would like to extend my very best wishes for the health of each member.

Seiko Watch K.K. IEEE Milestone Presentation Ceremony

  The Seiko Watch Milestone presentation ceremony sponsored by the Tokyo Section was held at Hotel Okura at 11:30 on Thursday, November 25th. Mr. Wallace S. Read, IEEE History Center Chair presented a commemorative plate to Mr. Kouya Nakamura, Honorable adviser Seiko Epson K.K. and Mr. Hideaki Yasukawa, Chairman of Board of Directors for Seiko Epson K.K. expressed his thanks as an award winner. The commemorative plate is permanently exhibited at the Seiko Watch Resource Center. Please go and visit the Watch Resource Center and see the commemorative plate.

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2004 3rd Lecture Meeting and Social Gathering with Mr. W. S. Read, Sponsored by the IEEE Tokyo Section

  A lecture meeting sponsored by our branch was held in commemoration of the receiving of the Seiko Watch K.K. Milestone award at the Shinjuku campus of Kogakuin University at 14:00 on Friday, November 26th.
  We invited three lecturers, Mr. Hidehisa Matsumoto, commissioner of Society of Historical Metrology, Ms. Carline Stephens, curator of the Smithsonian Institution, and Ms Maggie Dennis, historian of the Smithsonian Institution. It was very interesting to hear about the exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution.
  After the lecture meeting, a social gathering was held with committee members / commissioners of the Tokyo Section and the Japan Council along with the lecturers and Mr. W. S. Read, Mr. Jung Uck Seo, Region10 Director at gMonolith 29h. Thanks to Mr. Readfs easygoing character, the social gathering quickly turned into a place with very active exchanging of opinions.

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2004 3rd IEEE Japan Council Administrative Board Meeting

  The third Japan Council administrative board meeting was held at the KDDI Iidabashi Garden Air Tower Building 28th Floor Meeting room, at 3:00 on Tuesday, December 7th. There were 20 current committee members / commissioners and 3 next term committee members who attended this meeting.
  The 2005 / 2006 administrative board meeting member organization plan was explained by secretary Matsushima and was approved. In the 2004 activity report, the creation of a new Chapter, instituting a rule for mail delivery, and increasing activity through use of the Chapter assistance fund were reported by the Chapter Operation Committee Chair, Ishikawa. Miyanaga, Chair of the Student Activities Committee suggested decreasing the bank handling fee by the Japan Council receiving the rebate as a single transaction instead of it being sent to each Student Branch, and was accepted.
  After the board meeting, a social gathering was held for the new and old committee members / commissioners at the KDDI Iidabashi Garden Air Tower 29th floor cafeteria. All the attendees gave greetings including Chair, Tsujii, and the meeting proceeded peacefully.

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2004 2nd Chapter Operation Committee Meeting Report

  The 2004 2nd Chapter Operation Committee Meeting was held at the Ran room of the Kousai Building at 13:00 Tuesday, November 9th. 38 out of 43 Chapters attended this meeting and 45 members including the board members attended.
  As of October 31st. 51 assistance projects using the Chapter assistance fund were reported. Also, the exchange of opinions was boosted with regards to the use of Chapter assistance fund. The Computational Intelligence Society Japan Chapter and the Computer Society, Fukuoka Chapter were established after June 2004, and Chair Ishikawa encouraged them to remain active and to establish new Chapters in the future. There was also discussion about how to operate the mailing list. A rule was decided for mail delivery for Chapter activities.

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IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop Report

  The IEEE Student Branch Leadership Training Workshop was held at Kagawa University on Friday, November 12th. This workshop was arranged locally by Kagawa University.
  This time, the workshop was held after a special lecture meeting by Professor Osamu Tomisawa of Kouchi Engineering College sponsored by Shikoku branch. In all, 41 people, from 16 Universities, including Student Branches from 14 Universities from all over Japan, Musashi Institute of Technology which is applying for Student Branch, and Nagoya University which is investigating application attended this workshop.
  Professor Nishihara, the branch counselor for the Tokyo Institute of Technology, who had supported student activities for a long time, instructed this workshop. Each branch introduced their activities and their student branch operations and the meaning of being an IEEE student member was discussed. Activation activities and solutions to problems were examined.
  During the social gathering after the workshop, Mr. Miyanaga, Chair of the Student Activities Committee presented a commemorative shield to each of the branches of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kumamoto University and Keio University who welcomed their 10th anniversary in 2004, and we celebrated with them. Also, all the branches, including the Musashi Institute of Technology which is applying, received a branch IEEE banner. We hope the branch banner will be used for their branch activities.

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2004 Student Paper Contest Award Ceremony Sponsored by Tokyo Institute of Technology Student Branch

  The Award ceremony for the 2004 Student Paper Contest sponsored by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Student Branch was held at the University at 12:20 on Tuesday, December 21st. Ten people entered this contest. 15 professors reviewed voluntarily the entries and selected 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The professors gave constructive comments regarding the technical aspects and the contents of the papers. The students were happy to hear the comments which will be used as reference for future papers.
  The award ceremony was conducted during a pizza lunch. Award winners responded to the applause with smiles when professor Nishihara, branch counselor, presented certificates and cash awards. Student Miyano who received the first prize, replied that he would like to make an effort to take advantage of this opportunity since the first paper submitted to the international meeting received an award. Please see our home page for the award ceremony report.
  The student branch from the Tokyo Institute of Technology is planning various events such as a 2005 IEEE Tokyo Student Workshop which will be held on February 15, 2005.

HISS - The 6th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium

  The IEEE Hiroshima branch held The 6th IEEE Hiroshima Student Symposium on two days, December 4 and 5, Saturday and Sunday at the Techno Arch Shimane. This is the 6th HISS and was a great success with a total attendance of 400 people. We are aware of the strengthening of industry-government-academia collaboration as a result of turning national universities into independent administrative entities. A keynote speech, panel discussion, technical presentation, and the laboratory exhibits were conducted with 44 executive committees from Yamaguchi University, Shimane University, Okayama University, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima City University, and Tottori University with the theme of gBridges to Societyh with an intention of becoming closer to universities.
  The current HISS had an initial experience session which was held in cooperation with the Shimane Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, for high school students with the purpose of stopping students from leaving science related fields. During the technical presentation, HISS record number 145 presentations were made, and article awards were presented in 14 presentations. There were many presentations from specialized vocational high schools, and at this time, we provided an opportunity for specialized vocational high schools to appeal to the society with regards to research. We would like to make plans and conduct a symposium in the future, with a goal of having forums with a wide range of presentations including technical presentations from high schools.
  Although managing the gSymposium of the society, by the students, and for the students – HISSh was the first experience for the executive committee members, we, including the commissioners from Hiroshima branch worked together as we experienced the difficulty of academic conference operations and the harshness of the society. It goes without saying that we gained confidence to be a member of society in the future by taking advantage of these important experiences.

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2005 New Fellows

  IEEE head office announced the 2005 new Fellow promotions. 19 people from the Tokyo Section and 36 people nationally were promoted.
  I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to those who received promotions.

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