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No.21 (July 1, 2004)
Publications Committee Chair Hitomi Murakami

Electronic Quarts Wristwatch of Seiko Watch Corporation Approved as an IEEE Milestone

SEIKOfs ELECTRONIC QUARTS WRISTWATCH was approved as an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing for the worldfs first commercialization of quartz wristwatch. IEEE Milestone program was established in 1983 to honor the significant achievements in the electrical and electronic engineering. Currently, 50 historical achievements were awarded as Milestone worldwide.
In Japan, this Milestone dedication is the forth, following gYagi Antennah, gMt. Fuji Radarh, and gTokaido Shinkansen.h

Year 2004 Second Meeting of IEEE Tokyo Section Executive Committee

@Second Tokyo Section Executive Committee Meeting of 2004 was held at the conference room on 28 floor of KDDI Iidabashi Garden Air Tower Bldg. from 15pm on Friday June 18. The minutes of the first Executive Committee Meeting was approved. Along with the introduction of election schedule for 2005/2006 Tokyo Section Officers, four candidates of Officers nominated by the Nominations Committee were duly approved.
@In relation to student activities, the itinerary of visiting Boston Section in relation to the student exchange program was reported as follows; Leave Japan September 26 for Boston and Return to Japan October 1, 2004. The method of call for participation and selection of participants were discussed. For the Region 10 Student Congress, eleven student participants from Japan were decided and reported.
@Fellow Nomination Committee proposed showing sample of Nomination Form on the web, online Request/Registration for the Nomination, and introduction of a rewriting service for Nomination in English. The proposals were approved.
@Regarding new formation of IEEE Shinfetsu Section which territory will be Niigata and Nagano prefectures (both are now included in the Tokyo Section ), Prof. Yoshio Yamaguchi and Prof. Hiroyoshi Yamada explained the objectives for the formation with other details asking for Tokyo Sectionfs cooperation. Tokyo Section agreed on their proposal and will cooperate towards the agreement at the Japan Council Committee meeting.

Marker View of the Meeting

First Meeting of Year 2004 Chapter Operations Committee

@First meeting of year 2004 Japan Councilfs Chapter Operations Committee was held on Friday Nov. 7 from 14:00 at the Kousai Kaikan. Council Officers, Chapter Operations Committee Officers and 35 Chapter Chairs (or Deputies) out of 41 Chapters attended. The total attendance was 40. The number of Chapters increased to 41 as Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society Fukuoka Chapter was newly established. Committee Chair Ishikawa commented that desirable state of IEEE Chapter is to belong to Sections, and the committee will continuously support the new Section Chapter formation.
@Following the report on 2004 activity plan of Japan Council, the Chapter Rebate for 2004 was explained. The Chapter Rebate was increased from $180 to $200. Furthermore, the 10% bonus paid for chapters who had submitted all the necessary reporting in time and newly introduced activity bonus of $75 will be paid to each eligible chapters. Chapter Support result of 2003 and current support status of 2004 were reported and explained by the Committee. The support budget for 2004 was increased by 1 million to 7 million. The committee expects enforced chapter activities with the increased funds.
@Guideline for mailing list utilization by Chapters for various meeting notices will be further reviewed.

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Report on IEEE Region 10 Annual Meeting 2004

@Region 10 Meeting 2004 was held on Friday April 16 and Saturday April 17 in Adelaide, Australia. Following reports from the attendees will interest you.

  1. On IEEE-USAfs activities, IEEE-USA has been contributing worldwide through its standardization activities, and has been keeping some influential power to the US Government.
  2. Approximately half of total revenue of the IEEE is from its publication business. Ratio of the membership dues income is seemingly small.
  3. The ballot by attendees to decide two group discussion topics resulted in the following. Number one ? Web casting of lectures, and number two ? IEEE benefit comparable to that of IEEE-USA. The membership services in the US are not limited to the academic and technical matters but also to such services as insurance, job recruiting, and many other services for individual members. Members living in countries other than the USA have some complains as they cannot enjoy such variety of services.

@General impression was expressed that the meeting was very informative and especially gave attendees much profound understanding about IEEE HQfs activities.

Meeting on IEEE GOLD Member to Provide Information to Section Officers

@Professor Tuptim Angkaew, Region 10 GOLD coordinator, visited Tokyo Section and held a meeting to explain on the IEEE GOLD (Graduate Of the Last Decade). He provided various information on GOLD activities in Region 10 and other areas. Section Secretary Matsushima, Treasurer Sezaki, and the ExCom member Nishihara attended the meeting.
@GOLD members are IEEE members who graduated with a Bachelors degree within the last ten years. GOLD was relatively new program established to bridge student and senior membership, and to activate and stimulate young memberfs incentive to pursue the IEEE objectives. Forming Gold Affinity Group would lead to promote activities through recreation, etc.

Inter Branch Meeting Held in Tokyo Section

@The first Student Inter Branch Meeting hosted by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Student Branch started at 16pm at the conference room of Minami No.3 building of the university on Saturday June 12. Including the Tokyo Institute of Technology Branch Counselor Nishihara, Tokyo Section SAC Chair Kobayashi and Japan Council SAC Secretary Taguchi, attendees were counted to 33. Participants of Student Branches and students from non-Branch universities were from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, Yokohama National University, University of Tokyo, Waseda University, and Tokyo University of Science.
@Following the opening remark by Sorwar Hossain, Chair of Tokyo Inst. Student Branch, guest teachers gave short speeches individually. Following the speeches, presentation on Branch activities and future plans were made by representative of each Branch.
@Free talk session followed, and discussion were actively conducted and many inquiries from students were raised. During the session, Region 10 Student Congress and Boston Section Student Exchange program were announced. Students from Waseda University and Tokyo University of Science expressed their willingness to form their Student Branches.

Marker View of Meeting

Technical Visit to KDDI R&D Laboratories Sponsored by Tokyo Tech Student Branch

@The Tokyo Institute of Technology Student Branch held the technical visit to KDDI R&D Laboratories on Wednesday April 28 (14:00-17:00). The Laboratories are located in Kamifukuoka-shi, Saitama. Visitors were counted to 21 students including overseas students led by Student Branch Counselor Prof. Akinori Nishihara.
@Visit this time focused on the technical fields of Image Communication, Optical Network, Wireless Communication and Multimedia. After the tour of laboratories, top executives of KDDI Corporation and KDDI Laboratories attended the meeting to exchange views and opinions between students and executives. Many questions were raised from students on R&D management, future technologies and business tendency. The visit program was successfully ended with much satisfaction for both parties.
@The Tokyo Institute of Technology Student Branch expressed their intention to continuously plan such kind of Technical Visit, and they are seeking appropriate corporations who are willing to accept such visit.

Marker View of Technical Visit

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