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No.20 (March 31, 2004)
Publications Committee Chair Hitomi Murakami

IEEE Tokyo Section Year 2004 Annual General Assembly

IEEE Tokyo Section 2004 General Assembly was held at 2pm on Tuesday March 2 at the Hagi Hall in the Kousai Kaikan and 40 members participated.

Section Chair Yasuda expressed in his greetings that it is encouraging that Tokyo Section membership increases, while membership decreases worldwide. Introducing the recipients of IEEE Award and Medal, he also reported that it is a thing of joy that in 2004 there is a recipient of the IEEE Medal of Honor which is the highest award given by the IEEE.

After the General Assembly, there was a ceremony of awards for new Fellows. 11 members were newly elected as Fellows in the Tokyo Section for 2004. Prior to the ceremony, Mr. Tadahiro Sekimoto expressed his gladness for receiving the IEEE Medal of Honor. After the introduction of citations by Tokyo Section Vice Chair Murakami, 10 new Fellows present in the ceremony were presented with framed certificates by Section Chair Yasuda. New Fellows made speeches speaking of past difficulties, research results and activities led to the awards.

From 5pm on the same day, senior attendants celebrated with the new Fellows in a congratulation party held for new Fellows. Mr. Takahashi Noriaki of the Tokyo Institute of Technology who volunteered for developing the homepage of Tokyo Section also received a framed appreciation letter from Section Chair Yasuda.

Marker View of General Assembly
Marker Commemorative photo of new Fellows
Marker View of congratulation party for new Fellows

Tokyo Section 2004 First Commemorative Lecture Session

After the General Assembly, the First Lecture of 2004 was hosted by Tokyo Section. Worldly recognized as the pioneer and developer of surface emitting semiconductor lasers, 2003 IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award recipient and Executive Director of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Dr. Kenichi Iga delivered the commemorative lecture.

In the lecture entitled gVCSEL Photonics Toward Ultra-Parallel Optical Processing-g, Dr. Iga, believing the time surface emitting lasers will be necessary will surely come, explained the 10 years of research before the room temperature continuous oscillation was realized. Lots of the audience was deeply impressed by foresight and strong faith that established this age.

Marker View of Commemorative Lecture

Year 2004 First Meeting of IEEE Tokyo Section Executive Committee

The first Tokyo Section Executive Committee meeting of 2004 was held at the Ume-Higashi-no-ma in the Kousai Kaikan from 12pm on Tuesday March 2.

The Executive Committee concentrated on discussion and approval of Tokyo Section 2004 General Assembly documentations.

Other main reporting and approval agenda items are as follow.

  • Treasurer Sezaki proposed that Tokyo Section and Japan Council obtain private domain names and their present homepages be moved to the new domain, and the proposal was approved. As a result, the homepage and mail addresses will be easy to comprehend and more other merits expected.

  • Fellow Nomination Committee introduced 31 recommended candidates for 2005 Fellow and it was approved.

  • Student Activities Committee reported their preparatory activities towards their student exchange with Boston Section. Japanese Students will visit Boston Section in 2004. SAC Chair Kobayashi of Tokyo Section will discuss on ways of choosing students that will participate in the exchange with SAC Chair Miyanaga of Japan Council and Committee Chair Nishihara.

Marker View of Executive Committee

Year 2004 First Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Committee

The first meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Committee of 2004 was held on Wednesday March 17 from 2pm at the KDDI Head Office Garden Air Tower Building.

Chair Miyanaga of Student Activities Committee reported that the student exchange program co-organized by Tokyo Section and Boston Section will be carried out nationwide.

Treasurer Sezaki proposed the Japan Council obtain private domain, move the present homepage and mail address to the new domain, and provide homepage spaces and email addresses on request to any section or chapter. The proposal was approved. Retroactively to October 10, 2003, according to name modification of office lease contract approved in the previous committee meeting, there was a report of the purport which concluded the Nishi Shinbashi Kikaku building and the rental contract.

Each Section reported Year 2004 activity plans. Fukuoka Section Chair Ikuno proposed the Second Japan Council Committee meeting be held in Fukuoka Section and it was approved.

Marker View of Council Committee

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