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No.17 (November 4, 2003)
Publications Committee Chair Hitomi Murakami

Notice! Canancellation of the forth Tokyo Section Lecture Meeting of 2003

We regret to inform you of cancellation of the following planned lecture.

Date and time:Tuesday Nov. 11, 2003 13:30 ? 15:00

Place:Tokyo University of Technology

Topic: "The Million Book Digital Library Project"

Lecturer:Professor Raj Reddy (Carnegie Mellon University)

Third Lecture of 2003 hosted by IEEE Tokyo Section

TThe Tokyo Section will host a lecture on Nov. 6 (Thursday) from 14pm inviting Prof. Hiroshi Ishii from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As non-member participation is welcomed, please inform your colleagues who share interest in the lecture.

Date and timeThursday Nov. 6, 2003 14:00-16:00

Place:Kogakuin University, Shinjuku Campus, 28th Floor, conference room 1 and 2

Topic: "Tangible Bits: Vision of Human Computer Interaction"

Lecturer:Prof. Hiroshi Ishii (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Second Meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Committee of 2003

The Second Meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Committee of 2003 was held on August 8(Friday) from 14pm at the Hokkaido University Faculty House Trillium by cooperation of the Sapporo Section.
The Japan Council Committee discussed and reported on the following major items;

1. The Section Support Fund Committee change of Chair from past Treasurer Hori to current Treasurer Sezaki was approved. The new Chair reported on the situation of support fund utilization followed by briefing from relevant Sections on activities submitted this term.

2. The Long Range Strategy Committee reported on the content of discussions to date. Comments were made to the consideration underway in the direction of renaming Japan Council to IEEE-Japan.

3. The Chapter Operation Committee reported on effective use of Chapter support funds and on deployment of activity by Chapter Chair individual visits.

4. The mailing list operational guidelines for domestic members were approved as proposed.

Marker View of Council Committee Meeting

Fifth Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Long Range Strategy Committee

The Fifth Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Long Range Strategy Committee was held on August 8(Friday) from 12:30pm at the Hokkaido University Faculty House Trillium. At the meeting, discussions were made towards the establishment of "IEEE Japan".
Executive Committee member Takeuchi, having attended meetings related to the IEEE Headquarter Executive Committee, reported on comments from key figures regarding the establishment of IEEE Japan and on the current situation of the IEEE Headquarter. In response to this report, the meeting considered policies and methodologies on future activities, and discussed approaches and presentations to the IEEE Headquarter and Region 10.

Marker View of the Meeting

IEEE Japan Council and Sapporo Section Information Exchange Meeting and Social Meeting Held

The Information Exchange Meeting between IEEE Japan Council and the Sapporo Section was held on August 8(Friday) from 16pm at the Hokkaido University Faculty House Trillium.
This Meeting was realized by cooperation from the Sapporo Section and the Hokkaido University Student Branch. A total of 28 people, including 6 students attended this meeting. Following the Sapporo Section Student Branch activity report, the meeting exchanged open views on such matters as how to increase membership and to invigorate activities. The Sapporo Section will consider proactive deployment of activities through extensive public relations seeking participation to the Paper Contest and the Sapporo Snow Festival. Council Committee members provided valuable advises to student members on such matters as “the importance of a self-motivated attitude towards active acquisition of information instead of being passive”.
Following the roundtable meeting, a social meeting was held to deepen the exchange.

Marker View of Information Exchange Meeting
Marker View of Social Meeting

The Third Meeting of Tokyo Section Executive Committee of 2003 was held from 15pm on October 3(Friday) in the conference room on floor 28 of KDDI Headquarters Building (Garden Air Tower).
At the meeting, the lease contract of the Tokyo Section office rent was reported. Title change in the new contract from the Tokyo Section to Japan Council was approved for proposal to Japan Council.
The Fellow Nominations Committee reported the status of their activity with an update on the sending of Fellow Nomination request letters.
The Membership Development Committee’s proposal of activity setting targets to each major corporations in approaching them as an enhancement measure for increasing Senior Membership was approved.
It was reported that the Region 10 Meeting on October 10-11 in Malaysia will be attended by Tokyo Section Chair Yasuda and Vice Chair Murakami.

Marker View of Executive Committee

2004 Membership Renewal and Web Account

2004ONLINE Membership Renewal started from October 1. Web Account registration enables simple ONLINE renewal. Product Safety Engineering Society was newly established as the 38th IEEE Society. Application for additional society membership is also enabled ONLINE.
Registration of the Web Account is strongly recommended on this occasion to those who are yet to register. the registration process in Japanese is hosted on Section website. Web Account registration enables great convenience at your fingertips such as membership privilege of individual literature search (Xplore) , online purchase of publications (Catalog & Store)at membership discount, acquisition of Email Alias( and Update address and other contact information.

  • Tokyo Section recommends our members to upgrade to Senior Membership. Please visit IEEE website for Online application. For details, please refer Senior Membership application procedure.

  • Tokyo Section gives priority to E-mail in sending notices. Visit the Tokyo Section website for online registration or change of your E-mail address and/or Fax number.

  • Official notification of change in your mailing address and other contact information should be directed to the IEEE. Online notification is also enabled with your IEEE Web Account.
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