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No.16 (August 14, 2003)
Publications Committee Chair Hitomi Murakami

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Summer Closing of the Tokyo Section Office

IEEE Tokyo Section Office will be closed from Friday August 8 through Wednesday August 13. We hope that this does not cause you much inconvenience.

Second Meeting of Tokyo Section Executive Committee of 2003

The Second Meeting of Tokyo Section Executive Committee of 2003 was held from 3pm on Friday June 20 in conference room N on floor 29 of KDDI Headquarters Building (Garden Air Tower).
The reporting and discussions at the meeting are summarized as follows:

  • 2003 Section Rebate, Senior Member Initiative and Student Subsidy were reported. Considering the fund distribution cost, no allowance of the Student Subsidy to each Student Branch was approved. Meantime, active use of the Student Branch Support fund is recommended.
  • Fellow Nominations Committee proposal to change the Section Fellow nomination process was approved. Please see the notice below from the Fellow Nominations Committee for (further) details on changes.
  • Membership Development Committee proposal of enhancement measures for especially Senior Members was discussed. Further consideration will be conducted on examination of eligibility, study of application process, and deployment of public relations etc.
  • Publications Committee proposal on operations policy for the members email list utilization, which is managed by Tokyo Section Secretariat, was approved.
Marker View of Executive Committee Meeting

Notice from Fellow Nominations Committee

A substantial change has been made to the Fellow nomination process.
This year, IEEE made Fellow nomination/reference/endorsement full electronic, providing every transaction to be processed online.

Nominators are asked to fill in IEEE online nomination form in its homepage with such required data as candidate name, his or her achievements as well as his or her contribution to the IEEE and other academic societies. Filling in the names and email addresses of 5 (up to 8) referees to whom the nominator will ask for reference, the IEEE system will automatically send referees necessary reference form. The same process is adopted regarding the endorsement. The endorsement is optional, and up to 3 endorsers can be named for a candidate.

On receiving the form, referees and endorsers can fill in required data and opinion online and send the form to IEEE by simply pressing the "send" button on the screen.

Traditional paper-based nomination/reference/endorsement process is also available. However, this online process is recommended as the nominator can verify and confirm if all the documents are duly sent to IEEE Fellow Committee.
The Tokyo Section's homepage carries the explanation of this change in Japanese. We hope you check the page for your reference.

Due to the change in nomination process, the application and approval procedure for getting Section endorsement will change too. The details will be notified in coming September.
Please inquire Tokyo Section Fellow Nominations Committee Secretary on any question regarding the nomination procedure.

Fourth Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Long Range Strategy Committee

The Fourth Meeting of IEEE Japan Council Long Range Strategy Committee was held on Friday May 30 from 5pm in a conference room on floor 34 at KDDI Headquarters Building (Garden Air Tower).

At the meeting, current Japan Council activity and organizational alignment was discussed, and comparisons with IEEE Canada on Bylaws and its activities were made to explore issues for future status of Japan Council. Further consideration will be discussed on establishment of "IEEE Japan" or renaming issues etc.

Marker View of Meeting

First Meeting of 2003 of Chapter Operations Committee

The First Meeting of 2003 of Chapter Operations Committee Meetings (usually held by annually), which convenes Chairs (or Deputies) from all Chapters belonging to Japan Council and Sections, was held on Monday June 30 from 2pm in room 66 on floor 6 at the Kikai Shinkoh Kaikan. Representatives from 36 Chapters out of 40 Chapters attended the meeting.

Following the report on the meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Committee, the Chapter Operations Committee submitted the Chapter support plan for 2003 with report of current support status. Activity report of each Chapter from December 2002 to May 2003 was presented. Financial support for 45 activities in 2003 is planed, and out of which 20 activities have been currently decided.

Marker View of Meeting

Courtesy Visit of 2004 IEEE President Arthur Winston to Tokyo Section

2004 IEEE President Arthur Winston visited Tokyo Section on Friday July 4. On the occasion of his visit to Japan, a lecture was hosted for Japan Council and Tokyo Section Executive Committee Members on the current status of IEEE from 4pm to 5pm in a conference room on floor 28 at KDDI Headquarters Building (Garden Air Tower).
Following the lecture, a party was hosted by the Tokyo Section to exchange views on IEEE organization and activities.

Marker View of lecture by Dr. Winston

  • Tokyo Section recommends our members to upgrade to Senior Membership. Please visit IEEE website for Online application. For details, please refer Senior Membership application procedure.

  • Tokyo Section gives priority to E-mail in sending notices. Visit the Tokyo Section website for online registration or change of your E-mail address and/or Fax number.

  • Please send change of your residential address notice and other change notices to IEEE and IEEE Tokyo Section Office.Onlinenotification is also enabled.
  • IEEE Tokyo Section welcomes any comments, requests or inquiries from our members. Please send them to: .

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