No.9 (June 13, 2002)

Publications Committee Chair Shigehiko Suzuki
IEEE Tokyo Section's Year 2002 General Assembly

The IEEE Tokyo Section's Year 2002 General Assembly/Lecture was held in the Presentation Hall at the NTT Musashino R&D Center at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday March 14, 2002. At the General Assembly, a draft plan for the 2002 activities and a budget plan were discussed and approved. After the General Assembly, there was a ceremony of awards for new Fellows. In the Tokyo Section, 30 members were newly elected to Fellows and 18 of them attended the ceremony. After the introduction of citations by Tokyo Section Vice Chair Suzuki, the new Fellows who attended the ceremony were presented with framed certificates by Section Chair Kaya. New Fellows were as usual given the opportunity to make brief speeches. They expressed their resolution for further efforts in new research and business areas. At 5:30 p.m. on the same day, a party was held to congratulate the new Fellows at Restaurant "Kagei" on the first floor of the Musashino R&D Center.

Outline Announcement of General Assembly
View of General Assembly
List of names and citations of new Fellows
Commemorative photo
View of congratulation party for new Fellows
First Lecture of 2002 hosted by IEEE Tokyo Section

After the General Assembly, a lecture was held, hosted by the Tokyo Section, entitled "Prospect of Next-Generation Semiconductor Technology - The Challenge of Breaking the 100 nm Barrier ". The invited Lecturer was NEC Chairman Hajime Sasaki, a 2001 IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal winner. He first outlined the current position of the semiconductor industry and then discussed technical challenges in processes and designs for next-generation LSI, as well as technical trends in business strategy in the coming years, with the increased use of system LSIs. A lively Q&A session followed. The lecture was filled with enthusiasm on the part of both the lecturer and the audience (73 participants including 6 non-members).

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First Meeting of 2002 of Tokyo Section Executive Committee

The First Tokyo Section Executive Committee Meeting of 2002 was held at 1 p.m. on Thursday March 14 in the Convention Hall at the NTT Musashino R&D Center. Secretary Koyanagi presented the General Assembly document, which was approved. Then Treasurer Hori presented the financial statement for 2001 and proposed a budget plan for 2002, both of which were approved. The Student Activities Committee Chair Aizawa reported that a Student Workshop was scheduled to be held at Hokkaido University as a part of SAC activities of 2002 and that the possibility of opening the Workshop to international participation was under study. Also, the Fellow Nominations Committee Chair Tohkura introduced 26 Fellow candidates for 2003, recommended by the Tokyo Section. The next (Second) Executive Committee Meeting will be held on June 20 at Otemachi.

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First Meeting of 2002 of IEEE Japan Council Committee

The First Meeting of the IEEE Japan Council Committee of 2002 was held on the afternoon of March 26, in a conference room on the 9th floor of the Otemachi First Square Bldg. At this committee meeting, a draft plan for the 2002 Japan Council activities, the financial statements for 2001 and a budget plan for 2002 were discussed and approved. Draft plans for the activities of each section were also presented. The schedule for the election of Council officers for the term 2003-2004 was announced, and Dr. Ohno was assigned to the Nominating Committee chair. The election of Officers will take place this September. The next IEEE Japan Council Committee meeting will be held on August 2 in Kochi (Shikoku Section).

View of Japan Council Council meeting
First Meeting of 2002 of Long Range Strategy Committee

The First Meeting of 2002 of the Long Range Strategy Committee was held in a conference room on the 9th floor of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation in Otemachi, Tokyo on the afternoon of March 26. After greetings by Chair Inagaki, who is to chair the Long Range Strategy Committee from 2002, Secretary Nishihara reported the results of a questionnaire survey of members conducted last year. Members strongly advocated the need to promote IEEE activities designed especially for Japanese members.

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Results of questionnaire to members
Japanese recipients of 2002 IEEE Medals/Awards
Alexander Graham Bell MedalTuneo Nakahara (Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)
Lamme MedalSakae Yamamura (Japan Academy)
Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics AwardTakashi Fujio (Himeji Institute of Technology)
Kouzou Hayashi (previously Sharp Corp.)
Masao Sugimoto (Pioneer Electronic Corp.)
Masahiko Morizono (Sony Corp.)
(The late) Yuichi Ninomiya (NHK)
Frederik Philips AwardToshiharu Aoki (NTT Data)
Daniel E. Noble AwardMasataka Nakazawa (Tohoku University)
Eric E. Sumner AwardJohn Midwinter (University of London)
Tuneo Nakahara (Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)

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