No.4 (May 2, 2001)

Dr. Koyanagi, Secretary of the Tokyo Section introduced 2001 new Fellows with their citations. Dr. Yoichi Kaya, Chair of the Tokyo Section presented certificates personally to each Fellow.
Due to the circumstances, twelve new Fellows out of eighteen attended and were honored with the Award. The new Fellows thanked to the whole audience and the ceremony proceeded in a warm atmosphere.

New Fellows and their Citations

First Executive Committee Meeting Held

Prior to the General Assembly, the first Executive Committee meeting for the year 2001 was held on March 16th 2001, at 1p.m. in the Convention Hall in Musashino R&D Center.
The 2001/2002 officers, Dr. Kaya, Chair, Dr. Suzuki, Vice Chair, Dr. Koyanagi, Secretary, and Dr. Hori, Treasure together with other new executive committee members attended the meeting. At the meeting, the 2000 activities and financial report, 2000 audit report, 2001 business plan, 2001 budget plan and the revision of the Tokyo Section Bylaws were discussed and agreed. Also reported was the progress of the IEEE HQ's site selection for the Sections Congress 2005.

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