Vol.2000-03 Dec. 26, 2000

New Officers Named at Year 2000's Fifth ExComm Meeting

The Executive Committee meeting was held on Wednesday, December 13, from 3 pm at the Gakushi-Kaikan in Hitotsubashi area.
(It is regarded the Section's Annual Meeting as this meeting is the final one at the end of the term of current Offiicers, as defined in Bylaws).

In the previous Executive Committee meeting, the Nominations Committee reported that there were no additional candidates recommended other than those were previously announced by the Committee.
The Executive Committe approved unanimously the new members of the 2001/2002 Executive Committee, and thus, they are taking office on and after January 1st of 2001.
Dr. Kaya will be Chair of the Tokyo Section, while Dr. Suzuki is to be Vice Chair. Dr. Koyanagi is appointed Secretary and Dr. Hori to be Treasurer.

This fiscal year's expected Financial Report, the year 2001 Action Plan and the 2001 Budget were discussed and agreed.

Also reported at the meeting were, the process of the selection of the year 2002 Fellow Candidates to be recommended by the Tokyo Section, information regarding the Japan Council Committee, the proposed policies on the establishment of Chapters under each Section, and the selection process undergoing for the Sections Congress 2005.

After the meeting, a party was held to welcome new Committee members and to express gratitude to those who leave the Committe at the end of this year.

Three Reports Related to the IEEE Japan Council

Year 2000 Second Chapter Operations Committee Held

The second Chapter Operations Committee for year 2000 was held in the afternoon of Monday, November 27 in the meeting room in the the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications' Iikura Annex. Dr. Furuhama, Chair of the Committee, explained the current situation, related to the establishment of Chapters under the Sections. Discussions followed among the representatives of each Chapter. Any Chapter can be established within a Section or covering several Sections, or several Societies can jointly form a new Chapter. It was noted that there should be a strong motivation to form a new Chapter, and that there is enough potential to carry out the activities and to report to pertinent organizations in a timely manner. It was agreed to encourage establishing regional Chapters to improve services for members residing outside of Tokyo Section's territory.

The Policy Statement on Establishing New Chapters(Japanese)
Student Branch Activities

The Student Activities Committee of the IEEE Japan Council, held a Leadership Workshop 2000 on Tuesday, November 21 in a meeting room at the Engineering Department in the Suita Campus at Osaka University.

Professor Nishihara of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (he is also the member of Tokyo Section's ExComm, member of the Japan Council Committee, and IEEE Region 10 Treasurer) as an instructor, 30 students and teachers attended the Workshop from 7 universities where a branch is already established, as well as two universities, where a branch is now in the process of being established, attended the Workshop. Also, the activities of the branches were reported. They strengthened their ties by exchanging information in the gathering held after the Workshop.

From the Section's Office

  • 2001 General Assembly
    The General Assembly for the year 2001 will be held in the Presentation Room in the NTT Musashino Development Center, from 2:30pm on Friday, March 16, 2001. The Lecture Session will follow, with a topic of 'NTT DoCoMo's Global Strategy(planned)', where Mr. Norioki Morinaga, Senior Executive Vice President of NTT DoCoMo, Inc., will speak from 4:30pm. Your participation is most welcome.

    The route to the meeting place
  • Membership Renewal for Year 2001
    Renewal can be made online at:

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