Vol.2000-02 Aug. 21, 2000

Candidates for Section Officers and Executive Committee Members for 2001/2002

Pursuant to the provisions of the Tokyo Section Bylaws, the following candidates have been nominated for the Tokyo Section's 2001/2002 Officers and Members of the Executive Committee. This announcement is made upon approval by the Section Executive Committee at its meeting on Wednesday July 19, 2000.

Officer Candidates
Chair Yoichi Kaya Director General, Research Institute of Innovative Technologies for the Earth(RITE)
Professor, Graduate School on Policy and Media
Keio University
Vice Chair Shigehiko Suzuki Senior Vice President, Executive Director, Department III
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Secretary Keiichi Koyanagi Executive Manager, Network Intelligence Laboratory
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Treasurer Yoichi Hori Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Candidates for Members of Executive Committee
Eiji Yodogawa Professor, Department of Computer Science and Communication Engineering / Graduate Course in Informatics
Kogakuin University
Yoh'ichi Tohkura Executive Director,
NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Kunihiko Hidaka Professor, Department of Electrical Enginerring,
The University of Tokyo
Hidehiko Tanaka Professor, Department of Electrical Enginerring
The University of Tokyo
Yoshinori Sakai Professor, Faculty of Engineering
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kiyoharu Aizawa Associate Professor, Department of Frontier Infomatics Graduate School of Frontier Science
The University of Tokyo

If you wish to recommend the additional candidates other than the above, please submit a petition with the signatures of 2% (111persons) or more of the Section voting members, that is, higher grades than the Member. The petition should reach the Section Office by September 30. In the event that plural candidates are nominated, the ballot election would be conducted in November.

Tokaido Shinkansen IEEE Milestone

IEEE History Committee has designated the Tokaido Shinkansen and Ireland's first under sea cable shore station as IEEE Electrical Engineering Milestones. This marks the third designation in Japan following the Yagi Antenna and the Mt. Fuji Radar System. The Tokaido Shinkansen was also selected as an Landmark in Mechanical Engineering by ASME (American Society of Machinery Engineers).

The citation is " Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train) was designed with the World's most advanced electrical and mechanical train technologies to operate at speeds up to 210 Km/hr, a world record when it began service in 1964. It has carried over 100 million passengers per year for many years with an excellent safety record."

On Thursday 13 July, the dedication ceremony was held at the Nagoya Marriott Hotel with the attendance of some 200 people including representatives of the ASME and IEEE, Mayor of Nagoya City, Hiroshi Suda (Chair of JR Central) , Takayuki Kasai (President of JR Central) and key engineers who were responsible for the development and operation. Dr. Tsujii, the Tokyo Section Chair, also took the honor of cerebrating and presenting the Milestone plaque.

The plaque will be exhibited from September in gMEDIA ONEh in the Central Concourse of Nagoya Station.

Prof. Fukuda of Nagoya University - IEEE Division X Director-Elect Candidate

The IEEE's 36 Societies are categorized into 10 Divisions. Each Division Director automatically participates in the total operation of IEEE as an IEEE HQ Board of Directors member. Professor Toshio Fukuda of Nagoya University was nominated as a candidate for the 2001 Director-Elect of Division X,
which consists of the six Societies of CS, EMB, IE, IT, RA and SMC. The deadline for a vote is October 31, 2000. Please visit the following website regarding the IEEE annual election candidates including IEEE President-Elect.
From Tokyo Section Office

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