Nagoya Section Bylaws

IEEE Nagoya Section Bylaws



In all instances, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Bylaws, Constitution, Policy, and the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA)  Operations Manual will prevail when there is a conflict between these documents and Section Bylaws.


Article I – Name and Territory

I条 名称と所管区域

  1. This organization shall be known as the Nagoya Section of the IEEE.
  2. The territory of the IEEE Nagoya Section, as approved by the MGA, Board includes Tokai and Hokuriku Areas of Japan.

1.   本組織は,IEEE名古屋支部(以下,名古屋支部)と称する.

2.  IEEE地域活動理事会で承認されたように,名古屋支部は,東海4県(愛知・岐阜・三重・静岡)と北陸3県(石川・福井・富山)を所管区域とする.


Article II – Officers and Auditors

II条 役員,監事

  1. The elected Officers of the Nagoya Section shall be Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer , hereinafter called the Section Officers. Auditor shall be elected.
  2. The terms of office of the elected officers and auditors shall be for two (2) years.
  3. Terms of office will begin on 1 January after the election year, but in any case the outgoing Officers and Auditors will continue until their successors are duly elected and take office.
  4. Any vacancy occurring during the years shall be filled for the remainder of the term by a majority vote of the Section Executive Committee.
  5. The duties of the Section Officers will be as described in the IEEE Bylaws and in the IEEE MGA Operations Manual.

1.   名古屋支部の支部役員は,支部長,副支部長,庶務幹事,会計幹事とし,選挙で選出する.監事は選挙で選出する.

2.   支部役員,監事の任期は2年とする.

3.   任期は選挙実施の翌年1月1日から始まる.退任する支部役員,監事は後任者が正式に選出され就任するまで継続する.

4.   年度途中に生じた空席は,支部理事会(第Ⅳ条1項を参照)の過半数投票で選出されたものがこれを補い,その任期は前任者の残任期間とする.

5.   支部役員の職掌は,IEEE定款とIEEE地域活動運営マニュアルによる.



Article III – Standing Committee

III条 常設委員会

  1. The Standing Committees of the Section will be as follows:
    • Member Advancement and Nomination Committee
    • Membership Development Committee
    • Technical Activities Committee
    • Student Activities Committee
    • Award Committee
    • Chapter Operation Committee
  2. The Chairs of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms will expire on the Section Chair’s end-of-term date.
  3. Each Committee Chair will appoint his/her committee members with approval of the Section Executive Committee, and their terms will expire on the Committee Chairs’ end-of-term date.
  4. The duties of most Standing Committees shall be generally described in the MGA Operations Manual.

1.   支部常設委員会(以下,委員会)は,つぎのとおりである.







2.   委員会の委員長は,支部理事会(第Ⅳ条1項を参照)の承認をもって支部長が任命する.任期は支部長の任期と共に満了する.

3.   委員長は,支部理事会の承認をもって委員を任命することができる.任期は委員会委員長の任期と共に満了する.

4.   委員会の職掌は,一般にはMGA運営指針による.


Article IV – Management

IV条 運営

  1. The management of the IEEE Nagoya Section shall be conducted by the Section Executive Committee which shall consist of the Section Officers, the Past Section Chair, the Auditor, Standing Committee Chairs, and members appointed by the Section Executive Committee.
  2. A majority of the Section Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum, provided that delegates elected by the Section membership are at least one greater in number than delegates appointed to the Committee.
  3. A majority of the Section Executive Committee present shall be necessary in the conduct of its business.
  4. The fiscal year for the Section shall be the calendar year.

1.   名古屋支部は支部理事会が運営する.支部理事会は,支部役員,前支部長,監事,常設委員会委員長の構成員(以下,理事)からなり,そこで承認されたものを理事として加えることができる.

2.   支部理事会は理事の過半数の出席を定足数として成立する.但し,支部会員の選挙による理事の人数が理事会の承認で加えられた人数よりも少なくとも一人以上は上回らなければならない.

3.   支部理事会の議決には出席した理事の過半数の賛成を必要とする.

4. 支部会計年度は1月1日から12月31日とする.


Article V – Nomination and Election of Officers and Auditors

V条 役員・監事の推薦と選挙

  1. 1. The Nominations Committee consisting of two (2) or more members, not then Section Officers, shall be appointed by the Section Chair with the approval of the Section Executive Committee. The nominations by the Nominations Committee will be announced to the Section membership and, following this, a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days allowed for additional nominations by petition. To be valid, the petition must be signed by a minimum of two percent of the eligible voting members of the Section.
  2.  If only one nomination is made for each office, the election shall be declared by acclamation at a meeting of the Section general membership, or the Section Executive Committee. If additional nominations are made, election will be by ballot mailed to the membership. The votes will be counted by a Tellers Committee appointed by the Section Chair.
  3. The time table for this procedure is as follows:
Announce nominations By August 31
Close nominations by petition By September 30
Mail a ballot, if required By October 31
Hold elections By November 30


  1. A plurality of the votes cast shall be necessary for election.


1.   推薦委員会は,支部役員ではない2名以上の委員で構成し,支部理事会の承認をもって支部長が任命する.

2.   推薦委員会は,推薦者を支部会員に公告するが,請願による追加推薦を受け付けるために最低28日の猶予期間を置かなければならない.但し,請願には,投票資格のある会員の2%以上の署名を必要とする.

3.   役員および監事の推薦が1名だけの場合には総会または支部理事会において満場一致で選出を宣言することができる.追加推薦のある場合には,投票用紙を支部会員へ送付し,選挙を実施する.投票は,支部長任命の投票委員会によって開票される.

4.   本手続きの日程は,つぎのとおりである.








Article VI – Business Meeting

VI条 業務会合

  1. In order to transact business at a Section meeting, at least four (4) Section Executive Committee members must be present to constitute a quorum.

1.   支部会合で業務処理を行うには,少なくとも4名の理事の出席を必要とする.



Article Vll – Finances

VII条 会計

  1. All expenditures of Section funds must be approved by the Section Treasurer.
  2. Without prior authorization of the IEEE Executive Committee, Section funds can only be used for normal operations of the Section.
  3. The Treasurer shall be authorized to draw funds as approved by the Section Executive Committee.

1.   全ての支部資金の支出は,支部会計幹事の承認を得なければならない.

2.   支部の通常の運営に対する資金は,IEEE理事会の事前承認を必要とせずに使用することができる.

3.  会計幹事は支部理事会の承認に基づいて資金を引き出すことができる.


Article Vlll – Amendments

第VIII条 改正

  1. Proposals for amendments to these Bylaws may originate in the Section Executive Committee or by a petition signed by twenty percent (20 %) or more voting members.
  2. Amendment to or revocation of these Bylaws shall require a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Section Executive Committee. .

1.   定款の改定は,支部理事会において,または20%以上の会員有権者による署名入り請願書により提案できる.

2.  定款の改正または廃止には,支部理事会において2/3以上の賛成投票を必要とする.



Approved by vote of the Nagoya Section Executive Committee, July 22, 2005


Amended by vote of the Nagoya Section Executive Committee, July 13, 2012


Amended by vote of the Nagoya Section Executive Committee, Oct. 28, 2016


Amended by vote of the Nagoya Section Executive Committee, Augusts 20, 2022